Will Rhythm Heaven get a Smash Bros Character?


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Well, we've all seen the rumours about the Chorus Kids being planned for Super Smash Bros 4 at some point, and the game did get a Smash Run enemy based on a character from the series.

So do you think they may take it a step further in the next one, and add a Rhythm Heaven character?


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I would love it, but I never expect anything with Smash, since you really never know what you get with that series.

Also if RH get's a character let it be someone other then the Chorus Kids, I don't get the hype for them at all.


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I seriously am hoping for DLC right now. I would love to see Karate Joe, but he's already a Spirit so I have no idea what's going to happen.
I would like to see him as well. He's the one who can keep up in a fight and considered to be one of few faces of RH. Since we don't know if Spirits actually deconfirm fighters (Not likely), anything can happen.