Will Wario be different in Smash 6?


Parachan User!
I was wondering if Nintendo will change Wario like how Nintendo is planning to replace Mario with Cappy Era Mario from SMO?


It'll be alright if they for once take Wario from the Wario Land series and not WarioWare even though that's getting a new game. lol

What do you guys think?


Shyster Guyster
Diamond City Insider
For Smash Switch?
Depends on what kind of game it actually is.
If it's like it was speculated and it's just a slightly changed and expanded version of the previous one, so sort of a Deluxe Plus version, then I doubt it.
If they are gonna recycle most of Smash 4's content and only change the most "relevant" characters, then Wario likely won't be a priority.
But if they made the game from scratch and revamped a lot of other fighters as well (like making Ganondorf more unique) then it's more likely.
But all in all I wouldn't hold my breath. I've been let down enough already by this series.