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Remember me talking about that commenter that roleplayed all the sudden on my video?
Luckily, they apologized, and i said it was ok and such, and all was well...welp, after i told her it was ok, she was offended that i said ” it’s ok man ”, since she demanded that i should call her a girl, despite it is a normal saying for me and i call everyone dude and man.
Welp, i tried to be nice, but honestly, idk anymore-
( also, this ain’t the first time someone getting offended just because i said ” dude ” or ” man ” to them )

What song is this a cover of?? It came into my head last month, but I have no idea where from.
It's by either Queens of the Stone Age or Muse.
Ahh!!!! I'm sorry that's I was late to the New Year greeting. I just wasn't active on Wario Forums yet again and is working on a project.
Welp, i know it is too late already, but eh, whatever. Happy new year! Hope this year is even better than before.

Plus, i am working on something special once again.
New year is coming, init?
Just a Wario Fan
Just a Wario Fan
Yes, and now that the new year has finally arrived (for all of us at the moment I'm writing this), I can't help but wonder what 2021 will bring us. It will probably be just as crappy as 2020, if not worse, but I want to keep hope, so I will say we just have to wait.
Might be a bit late with this, but I wish a Merry Christmas to everyone here on Wario Forums! It might not be the Christmas we are used to, or hoped for, and times will get better, but for now, it's all we've got, so try to make the best out of it nonetheless.

Ok, i found this person doing this rant on Lulu from Warioware Gold, so you can see my response to it here. Sure, they are probably doing this for fun or something but idk, it has just boggle my mind for a while now. Sorry for my ranty nature, i just had to respond to it-
Take a look at the LAAAWW MAAAN beating up the wrong guy!! OOHHH MAAAN!! Wonder if he'll ever know? He's in the best-selling shoooow... Is there life on MAAAAARS??
December 18, 2020 = 12-18-20 = 21820! I never realized that when you put this together, you still get 21820! It's not as good as February 18, 2020 (02-18-20 FTW!!!), but it still has 21820 in it!
Just a Wario Fan
Just a Wario Fan
A Rhodes Piano is used in Mario Party 2? That's quite nice. I've always liked the distinctive style of the Rhodes piano; it should be used way more, not only in VGM but also in popular music. It's quite a shame how it has become something of a "forgotten instrument" rather quickly after the sixties. Similar to the unique sound of the Hammond organ, although it's still occasionally heard in modern pop music (As far as I know, the last moderately successful pop song to use both instruments is the Toploader cover of Dancing in the Moonlight from the year 2000) and fortunately also in video game music, like in the works of Jake Kaufman, who used in a few Shantae tracks.
By the way, now that you're mentioning instruments and synth sounds, do you know if this
Kirby track's orchestra hits are of the famous [Orch2] sample version? (Keep in mind that this audio is heavily compressed.)
Like I told you before, much like with the Synth Drum, I like the orchestra hit as well, and it's definitely something that should be used more often, too. It's not only something for 90's rap songs and SNES fighting game soundtracks, you know?
(By the way, as a matter of fact I recently came across an old YouTube comment of yours where you were discussing the orchestra hit in that Stadium Rave SpongeBob song, and it game me quite a pleasant Aha-Erlebnis for some reason.)
Just a Wario Fan
Just a Wario Fan
Wait, what is the Quack?