hey guys wario here oh my goodness guys my stomach is rolling from eating that onion and rotten garlics oh my goodness okay guys this is episode two and uh right now guys I want to show you my living room uh my hallway I guess oh my goodness my stomach but um look guys look its one of my greatest achievements wario land 4 on the gameboy advance and look guys look the virtual boy ultimate classic system um guys you rememeber wario land incredible incredible oh my goodness my stomach guys my stomach the bathroom is not far away oh my goodness I feel the stuff coming down my buttocks oh my goodness phhhhbrbbrrttttttt ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaa my gosh I got to get to the door I just got to get to the door bye guys bye dont forget to subscribe and the next episode will be with me using the toilet oh my goodness guys its runing down my buttocks I need to get to the bathroom its coming its coming aaaaaaahhhhhhhh
Favourite Wario Game
Favourite Wario Game: Wario Land Shake It




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