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    Yes, I think that the yellow-and-purple checkered pants and general colour scheme fit him better than just the plain cowboy style. Here, he looks more like a stereotypical fat American (Even though he isn't, it fits him well) than the more...
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    Apparently it does. Either way, onto post 307.
  • CM30
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    Yeah, I'd agree with that. It's not like any of her other jobs are working out in the long run based on how often she changes role.
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    306 I hope this post doesn't look like a mess.
  • WaGroose
    He basically owns everything nowadays so... There's literally no one else to work for.
  • wariolandgoldpiramid
    Today I just understood how to use the registerexec/write vba functions. If I had understood them before I would have not wasted half my time creating ridiculously complex code for something I could have written in two lines ... This is going to...
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    21,820th tiger to attend school
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    @tahutoa Since you're such a musical guy, I'm pretty sure you too have heard the news that Daft Punk has split up, so I'd ask if you can please accept my request of "Wariofying" or otherwise covering any of their songs? It doesn't matter which...
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    hmm, mahbeh.. :warioicon:
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    I'd be down for this! This moveset BrawlFan1 made is really cool, too!
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  • Dark 9-Volt
    Update: -Vinesauce/Vargskelethor -Scott the Woz -Sr. Pelo -Game commentary channels (TRG and BrainScratchComms/BSC) -SomeCallMeJohnny -SiIvaGunner (Do not confuse with GiIvaSunner) -Kaze Emanuar (SM64 Romhacking) -LSuperSonicQ (Lost Media stuff)...
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    21,820th tiger to attend school
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    I missed it too! It's the first one I've missed since AGDQ2014. Wario games aren't run too often, and two in a row? Yeah, surprised not to see anything about it. I thought that this forum was inactive because there was not a lot to talk about...
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    I actually made my profile picture with Meme Generator!