Torn from my brothers.... at least I was able to bring them together.... I could have been the 4th MIPSkateer. Alas I was struck from the annals of time. My power and potential taken from me by an ancient evil. The last of its species to survive. A clan of instellar terrestrials which employ shapeshifting and glamour. Their magicks fog the minds of men. I was sent in to destroy it... but I could not. All I could do was trap it and myself within the realm of a Music Box. Trapped in a parallel dimension it was all that I could do to contain the great evil while I set to undo its ways and banish it once and for all. That was when the great evil called out to our hero. Somehow through Wario's UNIQUE purity of heart he is able to tap into the astral plane, neigh the very universe itself. The great evil tried to make a rube of our hero. It planned to use his purity to bridge the gap and invade all dimensions. Only by collecting all of the music boxes could Wario hope to best the evil. Sadly its weakened state would not last long as Wario would only have a brief moment to triumph. Unfortunately I was much too slow to keep up with Wario's gallant stride. Luckily somehow Wario immediately set out to collect the music box. THEN even luckier Wario made quick work of the great evil. It was then that the true nature of Wario revealed itself to me. Instead of subjugating my people or heckling them he simply took some forgotten treasures unimportant to my people which had attracted the great evil to them in the first place. These were cursed treasures, haunted and full of malice... but Wario took them with a smile on his face. I've followed Wario since then. As had become tradition, I follow from the shadows. Partly because Wario is just far to fast for me. Mostly because I know that Wario doesn't need my guidence. His is the acumen of a god. I've watched this man go from ruin to ruin. Temple to temple. Stealing. Greedy you might think. But greed I assure you is good. To this day I have only witnessed Wario steal cursed treasures that no others would even have the gall to look at. This man spares others a horrible fate because he knows he alone is brave enough to face it. I hear all the time people say Wario was a theif and a monster..... if this was true... The Wario I see before me today is no longer that Wario of the Past. Before me stands a god. A golden greedy, gassy god. ALL GLORY! TO THE WARI!!!! OOOOOOOOOO~
Now I spend my days recounting the tales wario is too humble to tell. Building The Fellowship of the Greed Creed in my spare time.... as the prophecy fortells. One day our hero will need an army. One day we will be called upon.
It will be... The Wario to End all Wars.....
The Temple, Music Box Land
Favourite Wario Game
Favourite Wario Game: Ware: Twisted+Touched, Land: ALL, Spin-offs: Smash + Wario World
Telling the tales untold





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