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    Hey people, i'm back... sorta!

    Apologies, the fic will be on hold due to the quality of it not being up to par with my current standards. I rushed it due to time constraints and sadly, I cannot in good conscious make it public to read, as I want to give the fans high quality content and if I release it in its current state...
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    Hey people, i'm back... sorta!

    Hello people of this website, some of you may not know me but I am glassesauthor, the author of a little fic I wrote some months ago called A Moment of Reflection (you can read it here: A Moment of Reflection, a wario ware inc. fanfic | FanFiction shameless plug i know;)) I just wanted to...
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    [Fan Content] (FANMADE) Baby Ashley electronic toy

    o_O ????????????? ok...
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    Made a Warioware fanfic, come and read it (or not)

    Hi, i'm glassesauthor, and I make crappy fanfics. I don't really post anything, but lately i've been in a Warioware mood ever since Gold came out and decided to make a fic about it. I found it really sweet that the characters from both the Dancing Team and the Potluck Gang thought of Wario and...