1. Mario's Rainbow Castle

    Mario's Rainbow Castle

    Once again Wario has been cheated
  2. Engine Party

    Engine Party

    Everyone VS Luigi
  3. Cake Party

    Cake Party

    Cake Party? Birthday Party?
  4. Beach Party

    Beach Party

    Wario does what he does best, let others do his dirty work
  5. Jungle Party

    Jungle Party

    Jungle scene from Mario Party 64 Wario has been cheated by Mario
  6. Victory


    Wario is looking classy but he's still scratching his head wondering how even though he kept placing after Mario that Luigi is still in second. This is when Wario started catching on to Mario and Luigi's cheating ways. Something Waluigi had always warned him about.
  7. Wario-Knock-Off


    Who are these warioesque men in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!
  8. Nintendo Pizza Line-up

    Nintendo Pizza Line-up

    Launching in Germany 2023
  9. Diamond City logos

    Diamond City logos

    Mario Kart Arcade GP DIamond City Track
  10. Diamond City Casino

    Diamond City Casino

    Mario Kart Arcade GP DIamond City Track