mario kart

  1. Royal Raceway Rumble

    Royal Raceway Rumble

    Mario cheating again (he has infinite lightening bolts)
  2. DabbitDaMips

    Mario Kart Arcade GP I + II Diamond City Rip

    :wariocaralt:I am going to attempt to rip the Diamond City Race Course from a Mario Kart Arcade GP isoWarioCar::. This is my first time doing something of this nature :SpoiledRotten:so if someone is in the know any can do it more expediently be my guest. :perfectwario: I will post again when...
  3. Wild West Wario (N64 Style)

    Wild West Wario (N64 Style)

    A dework of Mario Kart Tours Cowboy Wario (not MP2: Western World). Beltless as Egadd encorperated an elastic leotard into the ancient stealth relic: The Bandito Buckaroos. While the built-in cloaking field might keep him hidden the loud spurs give him away. A fail safe design by Egadd.
  4. ThAshleyChannel

    Mario Kart 8 SUCKS (and wii is awesome!)

    Really wish Mario Kart wii's online didn't have to shut down. Anyone else remember playing this game and really enjoying it? It was the best game in the series in my opinion, I never had problems with it at all. Unlike most who seem to think the items are unfair or something. This is the Mario...
  5. Trophy Ceremony

    Trophy Ceremony

    Awesome bit of Mario Kart 64 artwork, with Wario being prominently featured.