princess daisy

  1. hubworld23

    Chapter 1: A broken Pasta

    Toadette: And… We’re Done!*She says as she then puts her toolbox Away…* Peach: Thanks Toadette for helping Me Out with the Sign…*She said Sweetly As she then begins to sit down… as she then waited for her Guests to Arrive…* Toadette: No Problem Princess, I’m just happy to help Out A...
  2. Super Mario Land 3 Issue 3

    Super Mario Land 3 Issue 3

    Cover of volume 3 of Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land manga. Depicting Daisy, Mario and Wario.
  3. hubworld23

    The Three Little Princesses: The Burp Off

    One evening both Princesses Peach and Daisy as they were having a sleepover at Peach’s Castle Peach: Nice to have you come over again Daisy: it’s always really nice to have some fun with just you and Me!:) Daisy: I know it’s ashame that Rosie won’t be joining us... Peach: Yeah poor...