1. tahutoa

    WL1 Boss Theme in the style of Wario Land 4 2019-08-25

    stupidface once told me that I was incredibly fast, back when I made him that Gumshoe waarangement. And really I guess I sort of am, because this was theeee I wanna say 6th or 7th MIDI I made within 24 hours, but I think the number is actually much higher than that, probably around 12-14. I just...
  2. tahutoa

    Wario Land Mt. Teapot in the style of Wario Land 4 2019-02-28

    It pleases me to no end that I was able to capture the vibe for this song as well as I did, especially considering the bass organ flares I wrote for it were completely unprecedented. I initially wasn't sure what I was going to use for the lead, but thankfully Koko suggested a flute, and although...
  3. tahutoa

    [Fan Content] Share "This song but it sounds like a Wario stage" type remixes here!

    Like the other thread for Wario remixes, only this one is the inverse of that concept: for example, instead of "Rudy the Clown in the style of Metallica," it's "Johnny B Good in the style of Wario Land 4," y'feel me? In other words, I'm creating this thread because rarely are my "Wario remixes"...