wario land ii

  1. Crazy Drunken Wario

    Crazy Drunken Wario

    Crazy drunk bumbling wario. Wario might be a heavy weight champion but he sure is a light weight lush. Beer was in the original Japanese.
  2. Delsait

    WL2 secret ending & the Giant Spearman

    So we all know the secret ending of Wario Land 2 involves Wario facing the Giant Spearman again to claim Captain Syrup's treasure. The ending of the game features Wario walking home to his castle holding Syrup's treasure over his head, whilst the Giant Goom follows him closely, ending at the two...
  3. Sleeping Wario.png

    Sleeping Wario.png

    Wario is fast asleep
  4. Weario

    Wario Land Wario Land 2 - Enhanced Graphics 1.1.7

    This Patch will enhance the graphics of the Gameboy Color version of Wario Land 2: Fixes graphical errors on Wario and many enemies. Enhances Wario’s colors to resemble Wario Land 3’s color pattern Bonus: Penguin enemies now hold beer like the Japanese uncensored version! (as opposed to ‘crazy...