wario master of disguise

  1. Baker Man

    [Fan Content] Disguise Wario fan-concept for Smash

    Look at this thread for context, late 1st page - early 2nd page.
  2. Genius Wario

    Genius Wario

    Dr./Genius/Inventor/Savant Wario has special goggles on that allow him to see invisible doors, blocks, platforms, etc.
  3. The Purple Wind

    The Purple Wind

    Also known as Thief Wario. Primary form in Master of Disguise. Wario gains the ability to dash faster than toad, jump higher than luigi with ease, and can attack creatures life point directly.
  4. Electric Wario

    Electric Wario

    “I really light up a room!” - Electro/Lightning/Shocking/Sparky Wario or as they say in Italy; Wariolightning!
  5. Cosmic Wario

    Cosmic Wario

    This low gravity wario falls slowly and shoots blue balls of plasma that can power switches and shock foes.
  6. Captain Wario

    Captain Wario

    Wario can row through water in an inner tube, breathe underwater, and shoot torpedoes from his Subwarine
  7. Arty Wario

    Arty Wario

    Arty Wario can make hearts to restore his health, block platforms, and warp pipes. However, Wario cannot move in this form, and all of his botched creations turn into walking poop with eyes.
  8. HopefulSpread

    Wario Master Of Disguise Soundfont 2020-05-07

    A soundfont using instruments from Wario Master Of Disguise Enjoy, my dudes Google drive backup:
  9. tahutoa

    [Poll] Wario: MoD or WL:SI -- Which Soundtrack do you prefer?

    Okay, gang, so what we thinkin'-- Wario: Master of Disguise vs. Wario Land: Shake It!! Be sure to list your reasons why you picked your choice (yes that includes the "I can't decide" option) in a reply to this thread! Bonus question if you're from Europe: do you still refer to it as "shake it"...
  10. Count Cannoli Spirit

    Count Cannoli Spirit

    Count Cannoli's Spirit from Super Smash Bros Ultimate.
  11. Count Cannoli

    Who are your favorite Villains / Enemies in the Wario series

    I personaly like Count Cannoli, Carpaccio and his robots, the Dolphins, the museum guards and the Clowns and Dinosaurs from Wario World.