Ask me everything to me, Georgy!! (I will answer in english)


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Hi everyone, you can ask me everything if you want. I will answer your questions in english, except if you want I answer your questions in spanish, but I will not always answer your questions in spanish.

You can ask me everything, about me, about my creations, about my country, about my favorite characters, everything.

I hope you like my anwers.

But try to not make offensive questions.

I will wait for your questions!!
Well, I made videogames for my University classes. Here an example, this game was created by me, it was my first videogame created in my university ever. it is called Arma Caras (Build Faces), it is about a face that you can change mouth, noises, ears, eyes and hair and you must change this part for make this equal of a image.


I think it is a good game like my first time of make videogames in the university.

Actually, I am not making videogames or having a job, I was graduate just in January of this year.

Thank you for your question.