[Upcoming Game] Did WarioWare: Move It Bomb?

Wow, that is crazy. Well, once again, releasing stuff at the end of a console's life span definitely affects it. However, when you mention "first year"... does that mean a year after the game has been out? As in, would it have to have reached 1 million in the next November? Or simply by the end of 2023? Because I guess in that case it had less than two months to do so. I am confused on how it works.
It's sad... but expected, in my opinion. I still believe it could really have used much more time in the oven than what it did get; perhaps somewhere between Princess Peach: Showtime! and PM TTYD would've done nicely. It being so soon after Get It Together, in an incredibly crowded November, and seriously lacking in content all hurt its chances of emulating even the modest success that GIT had, unfortunately.

But it seems that maybe Intelligent Systems and the directors behind Move It! were expecting that, fortunately. Let's hope the successor to the Nintendo Switch has a Wario title that does better.
Yeah, I love the game and I really do feel like it could've been the best in the series if it didn't feel so rushed. Of course it's an amazing game and a great return to form for the series, but as far as the mainline titles go, it definitely is the one with the least amount of content. I was so excited to see another game not too long after GIT! but it really does seem like in certain ways, it does not work to its favor. A lot of it I'm sure has to do with budgetary reasons stemming from the next console not being too far away. I am so glad that they made this game though, it would've felt so empty if Nintendo had not fully used the Switch's capabilities by skipping out on making this game. But they did, and I love them for that. Let's just hope that they have a more clear idea for the next title. I am excited to see what Nintendo has in store.
It had good legs in Japan (172k last reported) and I would assume that would be a good enough number to make it profitable off the back of its low production values. But it'll probably prompt a rethink for whatever the next Wario game is, and incite them to not launch them so close together.