What games are you playing at the moment?


Diamond City Mayor
Diamond City Leader
One of the existing Wario games, like WarioWare: Get It Together? A spiritual successor like Pizza Tower or AntonBlast? Something different altogether?

What games are you playing at the moment?
I would be playing WarioWare Gold and Michael Jackson: The Experience 3D on the 3DS but my brother says it's his and doesn't let me use it outside of occasional cat pics and using it without his permission (despite getting it for us to share).
I also would be playing FFXIII on 360 but even with guides, it feels impossible to beat Odin on the bridge.
I've been playing Trepang2, an indie homage to FEAR (with some call of dooty and SCP Foundation inspirations on the side). You play as a guy with supernatural abilities and get recruited by a crime syndicate that has a beef with an eeevil corporation.

It has some of my niggles with indies "Totally not a substitute for the cult AA game you palyed 10 years ago) but the presentation and gunplay is what they focused on here and that stuff is impecable. Plus it has a whole-ass roster of guys in tacticool gears to hunt down and kill, which is a very good mechanic to include in any game. I might write more detailled thoughts when I beat it

I've been playing Mari0, Super Smash Flash 2, and COD BO1 zombies, I play on ps3 for the 0 people who care (if giving your two cents is giving an opinion nobody asked for, then call me mr beast lol)

But hey, if anyone else plays bo1 on ps3, add me and we could run some zombies, but multiplayer doesn't really seem to work that well.
Update: Gotten today multiple games including Kinect Rush, a D&D PC game, Pizza Tower and Farenheight: Indigo Prophecy Remastered. Last two were Steam Summer Sale.
A new LoZ romhack called The Sealed Palace came out and its pretty amazing aside from its very tight platforming but if you like Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time then the tight platforming shouldn't be a big deal. really sharp rom hack. I love rom hacks :D Nintendo needs to hire some of these rom hackers I'll tell you WHOOOWHAT
Other than romhacks though I got a sinden light gun so I'm playing a lot of time crises and other games on technoparrot arcade emulator. (favorite is the silent hill arcade cabinet)