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    More unused tiles have been found in Wario Land 4!

    What is it with this game and burying people (possibly alive) in the walls? That's such a dark implication. I mean when there's bones somewhere in the ground, they could get there in all kinds of ways. But when they're in a wall that means they had to be put there while the building was built...
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    Wario in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

    Not really. I mean think about it: Most of the stages are taken from the previous games, which means their songs will be too. So they'll have a huuuuge amount of songs ready, meaning they can spend time making new remixes.
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    Wario in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

    IT'S BACK!!! IT'S FINALLY BACK!!! YEEEES!!! :shokogasm: :shokogasm: :shokogasm: :shokogasm: :shokorabounce: :shokorabounce: :shokorabounce: :shokorabounce: :SWah: :SWah: :SWah: :SWah: :wargh2: :wargh2: :wargh2: :wariocaraltalt: :bigwah: :WLThumbsUp: :WLWarioLaughs: :oldwahhead: :warioyeah...
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    [Upcoming Game] Warioware Gold (August 3rd 2018)

    What.... the..... fuck....
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    The Ashley and Red Thread.

    Nothing is safe from inflation fetish art.
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    [Upcoming Game] Bowser's Inside Story 3DS Remake

    I forgot to mention, they also didn't bother to add any shortcut pipes to the dungeons, something that was standardized in the later games. Not even one pipe in the final dungeon. :S-_-:
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    [Upcoming Game] Bowser's Inside Story 3DS Remake

    Among other things. Like a hard mode. If I had to choose between using time and resources to either improve and add to the main game or make a side minigame from scratch, I'd choose to improve the main game instead. It's like... THIS WAS THEIR ONE CHANCE to actually bring Superstar Saga to the...
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    Shop System Added!

    I wish I still had my little golden bear... S:( So... does this mean I may log on to the forum one day and find all my stuff having been stolen? :Sweetjesus:
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    Luigi's Mansion 3DS Remake

    Last time I tried to get a 100% cash run, I was stuck on him because I just couldn't for the life of me get his biggest pearls. Because he would always break off between 50 and 90 health. Even when using savestates it would always be exactly the same. And he didn't break off because I hit...
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    Luigi's Mansion 3DS Remake

    That's the thing, there aren't really any major game design flaws. Nothing unintuitive, nothing beginner unfriendly, nothing downright broken... It's great the way it is. There are just a few little programming quirks I'd fix. Like how money can disappear while you are locked into an animation...
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    [Upcoming Game] What can we expect from Warioware Gold?

    Maybe you're just not looking in the right places. :STongue3: Additionally, I think the art style of the microgames looks great. I think the reason some of them look so slow is that they turned the microgame speed all the way down for recording purposes, so they wouldn't be too fast for the...
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    High Quality UNCOMPRESSED Wario Land 4 Music! [COMPLETE]

    Didn't someone say something about a setting in FL studio that can make the samples sound more like how they do in game? I forgot where that was posted...