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    Fan Art (Wario Land Edition)

    Are his... ears blushing? :SBlank:
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    Should Wario have been in Super Mario Run?

    Of course. I don't get why they are so reluctant to put Wario in Mario series platformers these days. He didn't even get into the stupid Mini Mario game. His appearance in SM64DS worked fine!
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    Wario Master of Disguise custom plush by me

    Nice work! ^^ Is this a modification or was it done from scratch?
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    Fan Art (Wario Land Edition)

    T H I C C
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    Wario-related randomness

    Never stop fapping. Fapping is good for your prostate.
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    Emote Request

    Respond to what? Do you want an emote too?
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    Wario-related randomness

    I mean... That's still technically pixel art. You can draw the rough lines like it's a pencil drawing, but if you wanna clean it up you're still gonna have to go down to the pixel level. (unless you want it to look scribbly) There's no anti-aliasing.
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    Wario-related randomness

    Only pixel art or vector art. I got really good at making sprites with my mouse (That was actually the first digital art I ever did, or at least put any effort into) but when I wanna draw actual lines by hand then I need my tablet. DIY is more of a pixel art game.
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    Fan Art (Wario Land Edition)

    Awww, that's cute! S^^
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    Wario-related randomness

    You know... I never really thought about it, but yeah, WW DIY would be great emulated on PC. Drawing with the mouse, being able to easily take footage,.... I might go back to it some time. :SHmm:
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    Robin's PositiVibes

    Sometimes, showing a little bit of love and appreciation for something or someone can go a long way. And great opportunities can come from the most unexpected places. One time, I was just drawing a bit of Vinesauce fan art, but I put a lot of effort into it, just because I really liked the...
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    The Ko Takeuchi Thread!

    I love it when he draws Vivian. All the best girls are named Vivian. I might name my daughter Vivian, if I ever have one... S^^ :wlheart:
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    Did Cuckoo Conder have a much different design in the beta?

    Well, :cractus: seems skinnier. And you can't really see his crown. It's not a big difference, it might just be to simplify it. :catbat: Looks accurate, just cuter. And :aerodent: , :spoiledrotten: and :thefinalboss: Are basically the same.
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    Well, we've now finished phase 1 of the Wario Forums upgrade

    Well... It's unfortunate that almost all the rating are lost forever now. :shokoraeh: But I guess this design is.... ok? .....I guess? :shokorameep: I'll need to get used to it. :SWorried:
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    Did Cuckoo Conder have a much different design in the beta?

    It was always strange to me how this: :cuckoocondor: shows Cuckoo Condor with a drill instead of the tuning fork and actual weights below it instead of the claw. It also has its tail showing. Was this possibly how it was supposed to be designed early on in development? Or could this just be a...