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    Fan Art (Wario Land Edition)

    A nice hypothetical final form for the Black Jewel.
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    Post interesting Wario Land trivia here

    And it's just an 8x8 pixel tile, not a whole 16x16 block.
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    Fan Art (Wario Land Edition)

    I just like this artist in general.
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    Fan Art (Wario Land Edition)

    Not Wario Land but World is close enough I provided the reference images via Garry's Mod screencaps!
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    some fan art of wario.

    Looks nice!
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    Fan Art!

    I love this artist.
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    What makes Wario(Character/Games) So well?

    He feels considerably... how should I say... beefier than the Mario games? What with his charging and his ground pounds shaking the screen in the Wario Land games. I also love the freaky nature of many of the enemies in his games, like they're the few things more twisted than him. But he's not...
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    What's the creepiest Wario Land boss?

    It's loaded in with the final boss graphics, at least.
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    Paper Wario World

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    Paper Wario World

    I made a number of Paper Mario styled Wario World enemies a few years ago.