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    Has Wario Become Gaming's Shrek?

    I dunno, I don't think I'd call him as much of a meme as Shrek personally. There's alot of similarities in how they're played, so I can see how the argument can be made (Popular and well-regarded character used in random and amusing ways) but the memes surrounding Wario don't engulf him and...
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    Do you think we'll see Mario Kart 9 soon?

    I'd certainly hope we see a new game soon. 8 Deluxe is still just an enhanced port at the end of the day and it came so early in the Switch's life that its kinda tired now. They kinda dropped support for it ongoing too... I question whether it'll be on Switch though. I think by this point...
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    Wario in the Illumination Mario feature film (or its possible sequels)

    Was it confirmed for 2022? I didn't know that. Seems so far away... Honestly I don't hold hope to seeing Wario in much more than a cameo appearance in this film, since it's probably going to go more the route of the Mario RPGs and just have a more fleshed out 'Bowser kidnaps the Princess' plot...
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    If they make a warioware game for the switch.....

    well it's not like there aren't other folk other there asking for another Wario Land game. I think I even recall seeing the series mentioned in a top 10 of series people would wanna see revived (though I think it was just an online poll so take with a dash of salt of course). As for the...
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    First Wario Games

    Wario World is a pretty good starting point I'd say, so welcome. It really shows my age, but personally my first Wario game was Wario Land 3 on GBC. It was actually my younger brother's but we would play it together. I distinctly remember having a walkthrough in a Nintendo magazine that got us...
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    Why a Mario anime could never work

    Well........ Not really. If there ever was a Mario anime (or hell, even another western cartoon), they'd likely go down the same route that Sonic did with either Sonic X or Sonic Boom (or even do like Kirby with his anime) where it would be set in either it's own distinct but familiar universe...
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    What version of Ware songs do you like best?

    I'd say the Brawl version of Ashley's song is definitely an improvement, same with Mona's Pizza, But everyone seems to be forgetting about the best song they included... GO GO MIKE! They did a really good job with that song. It's so catchy and easy to sing along with. I love it
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    Think Nintendo could remake Diamond City as an interesting track?

    ....Probably not actually. All the other courses that were brought back in Mario Kart 8 kept their basic course layout from their original appearance (with a little liberty taken for any segments featuring the gravity mechanic). Diamond City would most likely need to stick to that if it were...
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    Shake It!'s colour palette woe

    We never did see her original legs in the old games..... Maybe its another of her wily tricks to get Wario's money :o
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    Shake It!'s colour palette woe

    Yeah I getcha. I guess when it came to bringing Syrup back and all they just went a bit nuts with the colour scheme and all. Like all "GUIS HOLY HECK LOOKIE WHO WE BROUGHT BACK"
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    Mona basis in Wario Land 4?

    Would WarioWare have been in the development stages when Wario Land 4 was released? If their development was fairly close then it's very possible that they could have recycled one of Mona's older/prototype designs and all as something of an Easter Egg.
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    Was Mario Paint a inspiration for the style of the series?

    I'm pretty sure I've seen stuff before that said they repurposed some of the ideas from Mario Paint going into WarioWare. I believe there was also stuff about how the style of game it fit Wario better than it would Mario because he was 'kinda a stupid character' (though I always figured they...
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    Shake It!'s colour palette woe

    Clearly you don't realise Nintendo had their best man on the job for Syrup's artwork... Seriously though. I kinda prefer Syrup's newer colour pallette anyways. Her colours in her older art didn't look like they really meshed all that well to me.
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    why're there 6 robots... Are they here to take our American Jobs?

    why're there 6 robots... Are they here to take our American Jobs?
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    Wario Theories?

    Aw really? I had thought I was super special for coming up with it all on my own~. Oh well. Also you ever think about how out of sync that story seems with Wario's current characterization. The way he is nowadays it seems out of place to imagine him using magic spells and stuff to hypnotize a...