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    Do you think there should be a Wapeach and Wadaisy?

    Thinking more about it, I think the main situation where I'd be cool with the idea of Wapeach and Wadaisy is if it was tied into giving Wario and Waluigi a proper origin. Like maybe you could have the Mario bros travel to an alternate dimension populated by corrupted versions of everyone. Wario...
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    New Wario series sales thread

    It's interesting to see the huge disparity between million sellers and the non-million sellers. Goes to show how important it is for a Wario game to have a good hook that really grabs people. I guess Wario's the kind of character that people can get on board with or ditch at the drop of a hat.
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    What new characters would you like to see in DLC or a sequel?

    Mainly I'd just love a few crossover characters that are connected to Wario. Waluigi, Captain Syrup, and Wanda would be my top picks. Also Bomberman would be a cool reference.
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    Characters! Who do you play as?

    Wario is my 100% mainstay (the shoulder barge's return to glory on the Switch after dying on the Wii U is one of the world's greatest comeback stories), and I mostly use Young Cricket (because I'm a sucker for platforming), Ashley (always had a soft spot for the easy to use...
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    [Upcoming Game] WarioWare: Get it Together! announced for Nintendo Switch!

    Finally got the chance to play through this game. Really addicting so far. I hope they keep the playable character aspect going forward, it really is so cool to be able to actively use these characters in the microgames. Though they should work on making all of the characters feel useful, as...
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    Why was there no "Wario Land 5" for the GBA or DS?

    Unfortunately I don't think it's very likely any modern Wario game will ever capture that "edge", even if we got another Wario Land. Nintendo's sorta been softening all the rough edges of all it's Mario related stuff ever since the Wii era. (Although, who knows, in a universe where Chris Pratt...
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    Do you think there should be a Wapeach and Wadaisy?

    I was never particularly enthused by the idea, but then I saw this pic on Facebook and now I'm thinking it could actually be pretty fun, if they did it right: What do you all think?
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    [Upcoming Game] WarioWare: Get It Together Trailer

    Here's some gameplay footage from the Treehouse Live segment:
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    [Upcoming Game] WarioWare: Get it Together! announced for Nintendo Switch!

    If that's true, then thank goodness for the Switch Lite. I'd be way less interested in this game if it was based around using motion controls with the detached joy-cons.
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    [Upcoming Game] WarioWare: Get it Together! announced for Nintendo Switch!

    Seeing that puts a tear in my eye. First we got it back in Smash, now we have it in WarioWare. At least some part of Wario Land lives on. You know, it's funny how both WarioWare and Mario Golf suddenly decided to give us active control of the characters (both of which include Wario....though...
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    [Upcoming Game] WarioWare: Get it Together! announced for Nintendo Switch!

    Looks freakin' awesome! Not as hype as a Wario Land game, for me, but I'm still totally jazzed to actually get to control Wario and his supporting cast inside the microgames. Oh yeah!!!
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    Wario in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

    I think Smash fans have a tendency to see references where there aren't any. Sakurai has every ability to be exact, and when he wants to make a reference he has no problem being exact. There's no real logic in a kinda-sorta halfway reference.
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    Who do you think will be the 5 DLC characters for Smash Ultimate?

    At this point it seems more likely that we'll be getting a bunch of "unexpected" promotional characters. Joker (and Reggie's comments) pretty much shits on the idea of getting characters like Waluigi and Bandana Dee. My guesses for the remaining four: 2B from Nier Automata Monster Hunter...
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    Wario Blast

    This is the only classic Wario game I haven't played, aside from Wario Land Virtual Boy. I completely forgot to pick it up when I was splurging on retro games a while back, but now I'm not in a good position to buy more of them so it'll have to wait.
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    Why was Wario a villain in Brawl's Subspace Emissary?

    Maybe Tabuu paid him.