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Dangerous Duck
Dangerous Duck
Tsk. Tsk. That's a bit bleak, man... coming from the forum founder and operator, I mean. Perhaps it's time for a sea change, CM30? Haven't you been busting your gut for years trying to make a splash in the online games space? I don't know how you do it to yourself, man. It's such a fickle enterprise, the whole thing seems exhausting and fruitless (especially with all those social media giants you're up against).

Not to sound presumptuous, but in my experience people who curse humanity are always living in a bubble, hanging around the same types of people and places for far too long, or just spending too much time on the internet (which is a LOUSY place to look for humanity, honestly).
Perhaps it's time to cut your losses, stop investing time and money in ropey endeavours, and move on with life? You never know, it could be just what the doctor ordered.