dr crygor

  1. WarioWare: Move It Characters

    WarioWare: Move It Characters

    All the characters from WarioWare: Move It
  2. Dr. Crygor

    Dr. Crygor

    Smooth Moves version!~
  3. MikeFan3

    Dr Crygor and Mike Fanart

    Complain if you hate it (since i kinda stink at using art)
  4. HD Dr Crygor

    HD Dr Crygor

    High Quality artwork of Dr Crygor from Mega Party Games
  5. Character Profiles

    Character Profiles

    The Character Profiles from Mega Party Game$.
  6. Dr Crygor

    Dr Crygor

    This one is from Twisted, I believe so anyway, I never owned the manual for that game, so I can't say for sure.