1. Mario123311

    Has anyone tried to hunt down the uncompressed clips for Wario Land 4's voice samples?

    Hey WarioForums! It's been a while; Never noticed this until relatively recently, thought I'd make a thread about it. Basically, Wario Land 4 utilizes voice samples spliced up and mixed as if a DJ is mixing them: hence the constant pitch shifting and why a lot of the stuff he says are...
  2. BeegYoshi06

    GBA Emulators

    Do any of you guys know a good reliable GBA Emulator for PC?
  3. Shawnster


    made by me
  4. SimonMKWii

    Wario Land Zero-G's Vocal XTC 2017-12-07

    Some of the voice samples in this pack were used for the title theme of Wario Land 4 on Gameboy Advance! If anyone could look through the pack and figure out which files were used in-game, that would be really helpful!