Has anyone tried to hunt down the uncompressed clips for Wario Land 4's voice samples?


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Hey WarioForums! It's been a while; Never noticed this until relatively recently, thought I'd make a thread about it.

Basically, Wario Land 4 utilizes voice samples spliced up and mixed as if a DJ is mixing them: hence the constant pitch shifting and why a lot of the stuff he says are gibberish. I know that a lot of the HQ samples can be heard in Wario World, with someone recreating a few of his voice clips from ingame recently (pitch shifting and all) but I'm curious if any one could possibly track down the other sources for certain clips that aren't in WW. For instance, I'm still unsure where clips such as "Oh boy", "Hurry up" and "Mama Mia" come from - Though I'm almost certain the latter two come from Mario Golf which has very similar clips of Charles saying those exact phrases in his early Wario voice.
Oh I've seen people here try to do this: