1. Mario123311

    Has anyone tried to hunt down the uncompressed clips for Wario Land 4's voice samples?

    Hey WarioForums! It's been a while; Never noticed this until relatively recently, thought I'd make a thread about it. Basically, Wario Land 4 utilizes voice samples spliced up and mixed as if a DJ is mixing them: hence the constant pitch shifting and why a lot of the stuff he says are...
  2. SimonMKWii

    Wario Land Zero-G's Vocal XTC 2017-12-07

    Some of the voice samples in this pack were used for the title theme of Wario Land 4 on Gameboy Advance! If anyone could look through the pack and figure out which files were used in-game, that would be really helpful!
  3. Boris Carloft's Car Loft

    Wario Land Virtual Boy Wario Land Full Rip 1.0

    A complete SFX free rip of the Virtual Boy Wario Land soundtrack. Includes: Every song in the game Unused/beta tracks A readme file for further information No credit required. Everything belongs to Nintendo.
  4. CM30

    Wario Land Wario Land 4 Soundtrack (High Quality Remake) 1.1

    It's the Wario Land 4 soundtrack... but not as you know it! Remade with MIDIs ripped from the game ROM and good quality versions of the soundfont samples from WarioWare Mega Party Games, it's the soundtrack as it would have sounded on the Gamecube or other decent hardware. Here's a YouTube...
  5. Weario

    High Quality UNCOMPRESSED Wario Land 4 Music! [COMPLETE]

    UPDATE: The playlist is now COMPLETE! Check it out: Download the album here: ---------- Original Post ---------- So...
  6. Robin

    The Wario Land 4 HD Album Project!

    Ok, it's getting important to organize all those Wario Land 4 remakes. I probably won't share any remake from this album on my main music topic. Here, you can request and point out problems with the currently made tracks. To organize everything, and since this project is for the Wario Forums...