A complete SFX free rip of the Virtual Boy Wario Land soundtrack.

  • Every song in the game
  • Unused/beta tracks
  • A readme file for further information

No credit required. Everything belongs to Nintendo.
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I got a "404: it isn't here" and I said "of course it isn't".
Yet another casualty of Boris going into exile.

Can someone please re-upload this?
Tremendous work, Colonel! Thanks to you I can finally add a definitive soundtrack for VBWL to my archives. Without you the resources wouldn't be available for poor, clueless blockheads like myself. Good on ya', and thanks a thousand, matey!
For your first rip ever made, it's very nice to hear the whole OST with SFX! 10/10
Great Rip, finally the full soundtrack without sfx! Sorry I forgot to rate before, but you get those 5 stars for your involvement! Once again, thank you! :)