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  1. Ale’on (mniptik)

    Hypothetical cast for Wario Land

    This is a long one so bear with me Some would probably say land doesn’t need a cast, I personally think it would make it feel more alive so I came up of this list for a hypothetical cast and their roles, it was a little hard since there are only 2 characters that appeared more than once (3 if...
  2. ucantbeme

    Pizza Tower - A Wario Land-Inspired Game in Development

    I've been following Pizza Tower for a while now, and I noticed that nothing came up when I searched it on these forums and I believe it is time to change that. Pizza Tower is inspired by the Wario Land games, (namely WL3 and 4) but it is still very much its own thing. I am currently backing...
  3. GunGod64

    [Poll] Does anyone else feel like Wario Land Shake it/ Shake Dimension was underwhelming?

    I always felt that shake it was way too similar to four, which messed up the whole "every game is a bit different from the last" thing the series seemed to be going for. I just feel like the game never took any risks, and as a result, the whole game just felt like watered down four instead of an...
  4. tahutoa

    Iconic Wario Basslines?

    Everyone here knows Crescent Moon Village just from those first three notes. What are some other Wario bass lines you know of that you think are just as iconic? For me, Sea Turtle Rocks is pretty recognizable, and I think the saxophones' bit from Greenhorn also falls under the category of...
  5. tahutoa

    Unique melodic sounds in Wario Land 1 (edit: I made a soundfont for these sounds that you can DL herein)

    Specifically the eeeeehh, that sort of saxophone-sounding synth (heard in 07), that would go on to be used in the 2nd and 3rd (17) Wario Lands as well (going so far as being used for Wario's eEeEh), and the 60s Organ sound heard in "Bomb Huntering (14)," [edit: or "Huntering with Bomb,"...
  6. Wario Land The Shake Dimension Stickers

    Wario Land The Shake Dimension Stickers

    A picture of the stickers found in the European manual for Wario Land The Shake Dimension.
  7. Anders

    Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 review

    FIRST AND FOREMOST, I MUST WARN YOU OF SPOILERS. IF YOU WANT EXPERIENCE THIS GAME BLIND, DON'T READ THE REVIEW. So I just finished Wario Land for the third time. I only played this one a couple times back when I got my hands on it. I feel like I didn't get to appreciate it the first time, or...
  8. Fiery Cavern Tileset

    Fiery Cavern Tileset

    The tileset from Fiery Cavern in Wario Land 4.
  9. Robin

    Match qualities with each game!

    Ok, I got a little game for us today! We will basically see what each of us think of every Wario Land game so far by pairing them up with ONE single quality of the list below: - Graphics / Scenery - Sound / Music - Gameplay / Game Mechanics - Controls / Comfort Quality - Length / Replay Value -...
  10. tahutoa

    Post interesting Wario Land trivia here

    Post interesting Wario Land trivia and any interesting obscure things you've noticed during your playthroughs here.
  11. Garbon

    Nintendo treating Wario like dirt

    Why does Nintendo not care about Wario? They just sweep him under the carpet or misrepresent him (Sakurai I'm looking at you.)
  12. Koopaul

    New Wario Land Game Mechanics

    So each new Wario Land intruduces some new gameplay mechanic, moves, or goals. In Wario Land Shake It we got shaking enemies and objects, quake slam, motion control aiming, among other things. In a new Wario Land, what kind of new gameplay mechanic would you like to see? I came up with the...
  13. VulcanWayro

    Newcomer to the Wario Forums

    Hey all, just made a profile for Wario Forums today. I ran into the site while I was searching for some Wario fandom representation, and you jokers are what came up. I've checked out the site, and I'd say I'm looking forward to chatting with you folks. For a quick "get-to-know" thing, I'd say...
  14. Boris Carloft's Car Loft

    Wario Land Virtual Boy Wario Land Full Rip 1.0

    A complete SFX free rip of the Virtual Boy Wario Land soundtrack. Includes: Every song in the game Unused/beta tracks A readme file for further information No credit required. Everything belongs to Nintendo.
  15. Robin

    Mario Party 10 - Wario Amiibo Board

    Alright, I'm not sure if this has been talked about yet, but has anyone tried Wario's board in amiibo Party? Well I just had the chance to get my hands on Mario Party 10 and let me tell you, even though the boards are kinda poor and simple, gosh those little references are so awesome! Aww...
  16. Count Cannoli

    Who are your favorite Villains / Enemies in the Wario series

    I personaly like Count Cannoli, Carpaccio and his robots, the Dolphins, the museum guards and the Clowns and Dinosaurs from Wario World.
  17. Robin

    Wario Land Wario Land [Remix] - Course 40 (HD Remake) 2.1

    Time to face Captain Syrup! But before that, we have to survive our way through Course 40! Don't fall off! :O FIXED! Some notes were off, so here a re-uploaded version! :) I hope you enjoy!
  18. Robin

    Wario Land Wario Land [Remix] - Train Levels (HD Remake) 1.2

    I want to share this here too! All train sounds where made by me with instruments, did you know?~ I hope you enjoy! Chugga chugga chugga....
  19. Robin

    3 is the magic number?

    Is 3 the magic number for video game series? Most of the time, series that have 3 entries or more, the 3rd entry is the best or a huge improvement overall. Let's see: Super Mario Bros 3, Metroid 3 (Super Metroid), Metroid Prime 3, Zelda: aLttP, Crash Bandicoot 3 and many more are considered the...
  20. Nintendo Power Wario Land Guide

    Nintendo Power Wario Land Guide

    From Nintendo Power Vol.58