Pizza Tower - A Wario Land-Inspired Game in Development


I've been following Pizza Tower for a while now, and I noticed that nothing came up when I searched it on these forums and I believe it is time to change that. Pizza Tower is inspired by the Wario Land games, (namely WL3 and 4) but it is still very much its own thing. I am currently backing Pizza Tower on its Patreon and I recommend that you check out both the Twitter and the Discord for the game, the latter of which can be found on the Twitter page and features daily showcases of new content. It is shaping up to be a really interesting project and for those of you needing to fill a Wario-shaped hole in your heart, I implore you check out the game. You can find a demo here or support it on Patreon for the latest demo.



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Paging @ShyGuyXXL, he gonna love this :shenny:

I'm surprised I haven't heard of this before but thanks for sharing mate, this looks like a great time and more people should be aware of it. The art direction is such a breath of fresh air from most indie stuff out there.


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Oh hey, I remember seeing this game before. Surprised I haven't posted it here, swear I shared it on something Wario Forums related in the past.

Either way, it looks fantastic, and I hope to support it as much as possible.


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I already knew about this from DingDong's Twitter, but I've been trying to restrain myself since I first saw it on there however many months back. (Anyone know how far along in development it is, now?)
As someone who is downright pissed at the lack of a new Wario Land, I know this will (eventually) be just what the doctor ordered.