Pitch For A Captain Syrup/Wario Land Game!


Wario Fan Supreme
Hey Guys, I Have A Pitch For A Captian Syrup/Wario Land Game Tell Me What You Guys Think In The Comments!;)

The Story:
One Night While Gettin' Tons Of Loot From His Adventure Wario Decides To Take A Nap To Save Up Some Energy For His Next Adventure... Until Captian Syrup Whole Was Bring Some Groceries Noticed Our Favorite Greedy Antihero Who Was Sleeping Away! As Syrup Then Smirked! As, Before She Walked Away... She Had An An Idea As She Than Thought To Herself! Syrup: (The Poor Sap''s Asleep Maybe No... I Couldn't But, It Would Be Payback For All The Years He Scwerd Me Over! I'll Do It!)*She Thought To Herself As She Then Turns To Wario As She Than Smiles Evilly As She Then Whispers So She Wouldn't Wake Him Up... Rest Well Wario Because you And I Are Gonna Have A Long Night!;)

Gameplay: Similar To Wario Land 2 (Except There Will Be A Health System Implemented But With Wario World Combat Elements Aswell..)
Basically How This Game Is Gonna Work Once You Go To A Stage You Will Notice A Sleeping Wario At The Beginning Of Each And Every Level And Once You Pickup The Big Lug Up That's Where Things Will Get Interesting... You Can Use Him As A Hammer A Platform Etc... He Can Even Help You With The Bosses!

It's Just Basically The Idea Of It If You Wanna Hear More Just tell Me In The Comments Section!:)