1. CM30

    WarioWare All Wario Voice Clips (WarioWare Gold) 2019-03-20

    Hey, knock yourself out I guess. Someone needs to make a soundboard from this stuff.
  2. Squishy Pixelz

    Warioware DIY songs!

    Someone recommended this place to me, so hello! I’m curious to see who still makes music in Warioware DIY! I have a playlist full of my covers on YouTube and want to hear other people’s creations. I like migrogames too! Playlist -
  3. Gerbanium

    Gerbanium's art and other stuff

    Hi, this is my first thread! I've been drawing for 7 years now, and I actually started off by drawing Mario-series art so this is a nice return to form. It's been years since I've done any, though, so I'm very out of practice when it comes to drawing Our Guy. College and burnout means I haven't...
  4. Wario Amiibo Sketch

    Wario Amiibo Sketch

    A test image
  5. Scyhh

    Wario Amino

    No amino dedicated to just Wario so i decided to make it: Featured | Wario’s Castle Amino
  6. NeshBear

    old art

    from my da account but wanna post here. hope you guys like.
  7. glassesauthor

    Hey people, i'm back... sorta!

    Hello people of this website, some of you may not know me but I am glassesauthor, the author of a little fic I wrote some months ago called A Moment of Reflection (you can read it here: A Moment of Reflection, a wario ware inc. fanfic | FanFiction shameless plug i know;)) I just wanted to...
  8. Cagealicous

    Wario in Smash Ultimate

    You know, I'm pretty glad they gave Wario moves similar to the ones in the Wario Land series, but what I don't like is that they only included one song from the Wario Land series. I feel like they could've added a bit more than just Stonecarving City. They could've added music from Wario World...
  9. Boppity BopPop

    Some art of Wario & Friends

    So if you don't know, I like drawing and I would like to share my artist Skills with the forum. Right now I've only drawn wario and all the main Warioware females (cause I can't draw a male for my life except wariowariosm2;). But I'm still practicing! So tell me what you think! I'm always...
  10. Boppity BopPop

    What would Wario Say?

    So basically we all think of things wario does in his games or a spinoff or book or anything like that.Like how he says, "Have a rotten day!" Or "Doh I missed!" And im thinking, "This is something really stupid but, would Wario actually say that?" For example maybe he'd say something like: "Eh...
  11. Boppity BopPop

    Wario takes over the eshop

    So Wario took over The Nintendo Eshop (this is just too funny) : nintendo a couple months ago, wario took over the 3ds Eshop to promote Warioware Gold. And I'm wondering, if there were to be a soon to be released wario game, (Land, Ware, World, whatever) do you think he'd invade the Switch...
  12. Bubba

    List of Every Spirit in Smash Bros. That Includes Wario But Isn't In the Series

    Same as my other post. Just here as a reference in case you just want to face Wario CPUs in Smash with different effects and get non-Wario related Spirits.
  13. Bubba

    Every Wario Related Spirit In World of Light (Smash Ultimate) List

    I'm leaving this as a placeholder or here in case someone else wants to do the work of listing every one. Also Ashley is a legend. Don't let anyone tell you differently.
  14. GunGod64

    [Poll] Does anyone else feel like Wario Land Shake it/ Shake Dimension was underwhelming?

    I always felt that shake it was way too similar to four, which messed up the whole "every game is a bit different from the last" thing the series seemed to be going for. I just feel like the game never took any risks, and as a result, the whole game just felt like watered down four instead of an...
  15. tahutoa

    Hot Take--

    Lick if you agree!!
  16. tahutoa

    Make a short story using as many WAAnderful WAA puns in the narrative as possible w/o being obnoxious

    An example: "Hey man I'm thirsty you got a sandwich I can borrow?" "waa--? Okay, 1st of all, NO, we're in the middle of a WAAr, soldier!" Here's my little story. Not too great, but mildly amusing, I think. "What's on TV," Wario waandered to himself. ...Then it was apparent that no, really, him...
  17. tahutoa

    Do you consider there to be two Warios in a manner similar to Classic and Modern Sonic?

    1st Wario appears in Super Mario Land 2, Wario Land, Wario's Woods, and pretty much every comic published by various Nintendo comics/manga dealies; the cock-eyed, big lumbering weirdo who wants to be loved. Wears grey shoes and magenta overalls. :WLWarioLaughs: 2nd Wario appears in Wario Land 2...
  18. tahutoa

    Iconic Wario Basslines?

    Everyone here knows Crescent Moon Village just from those first three notes. What are some other Wario bass lines you know of that you think are just as iconic? For me, Sea Turtle Rocks is pretty recognizable, and I think the saxophones' bit from Greenhorn also falls under the category of...
  19. tahutoa

    Unique melodic sounds in Wario Land 1 (edit: I made a soundfont for these sounds that you can DL herein)

    Specifically the eeeeehh, that sort of saxophone-sounding synth (heard in 07), that would go on to be used in the 2nd and 3rd (17) Wario Lands as well (going so far as being used for Wario's eEeEh), and the 60s Organ sound heard in "Bomb Huntering (14)," [edit: or "Huntering with Bomb,"...
  20. tahutoa

    Soooo when/how did Wario's cock-eye correct itself in canon?

    Referenced in Smash Bros. 4 in the form of his walk cycle, which infers that he can do it at will, if only a bit, which begs the question, how and when did he get it corrected, what were the circumstances behind that in the first place, etc. The Mario v. Wario comic that can be explained in the...