1. Cowboy Wario

    Cowboy Wario

    Wario in cowboy garb from Mario Kart Tour
  2. hubworld23

    Pitch For A Captain Syrup/Wario Land Game!

    Hey Guys, I Have A Pitch For A Captian Syrup/Wario Land Game Tell Me What You Guys Think In The Comments!;) The Story: One Night While Gettin' Tons Of Loot From His Adventure Wario Decides To Take A Nap To Save Up Some Energy For His Next Adventure... Until Captian Syrup Whole Was Bring Some...
  3. Shawnster#1

    Wario Talks

    So im gonna start doing more of these videos and make the quality better, basically I wrote a tiny script yesterday and posted this today. But i want the Wario stills to get better as the series goes on, and have different ones whenever Wario does interviews and such. I used Aseprite to make...
  4. HopefulSpread

    Wario Master Of Disguise Soundfont 2020-05-07

    A soundfont using instruments from Wario Master Of Disguise Enjoy, my dudes Google drive backup:
  5. SpiritNightz99

    The Woolly Palace Stories

    I am making a series called The Woolly Palace Stories, which is about my OC Scooter and his encounters with guests on his café /pub. Often, they are Warioware characters and such, but i am also gonna do my OC's and such. Anyways, i did the first story with Wario ( It is obvious why ). Please...
  6. Wario Land 4 pose render

    Wario Land 4 pose render

    based off this https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/nintendo/images/0/0e/Wario_Pose.jpg/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/340?cb=20160424172610&path-prefix=en
  7. Wario Render

    Wario Render

  8. Wario ZBrush

    Wario ZBrush

  9. SpiritNightz99

    Wario/Warioware OC’s

    Hullo! I am just wondering...do you have any OC’s? Or wario OC’s or something similiar? Just wondering, since i can post some pics of my Warioware OC’s here, and you can also post some of yours aswell! Idk, i am bored and i wanted to post something fun. Example, here is my oc Maria. I mostly...
  10. Hiker Wario from Mario Kart Tour

    Hiker Wario from Mario Kart Tour

    Wario's new alternate outfit, ready for the wilds of Canada!
  11. Ale’on (mniptik)

    Yet another wario smash moveset proposal

    So I know there have been a few proposals to change some stuff about his moveset and animations already but I wanna do my own Starting off with specials Neutral special- should have an inhale to make it a wario world reference or even change it to the dragon hat wich works like spicy cury but...
  12. Robin

    Possible Wario Origin story?

    Ok, so I'm not sure if this was already mentioned or thought about, but there's a theory going around about E. Gadd. The theory talks about how E. Gadd created Gooigi. I have the video here: It's not a headcanon per se, it's more speculation, but it made me think. Basically he was trying to...
  13. hubworld23

    What makes Wario(Character/Games) So well?

    So your probably wondering How did they do it...? How??? Did Nintendo make Such an Unlikeable Greedy Prick! So freaking Fun!? I always wonder how they do it... Hmm... So that is why I'm gonna look for answers with your help of course... So I want you guys to tell me on what made or Makes Wario...
  14. Boppity BopPop

    Wario's Nipples

    So recently on Twitter, some uprising has sprung. The "Heated debate" on Wario's nipples on whether he has them or not. The Japanese trailer for Mario & Sonic at the 2020 Tokyo Oylmpics had been released and at one point Wario, Dr Eggman and Silver are at podiums. The men (Eggman and Wario not...
  15. Shawnster#1

    Anyone looking for a Wario Impersonator?

    Im just a guy who likes doing Wario impressions, anyone is free to listen if ya just ask! Link to a unlisted vid showing my impression! -
  16. X

    If you could parody any famous western cartoon meme(s) with Wario and/or Waluigi, which one(s) would you choose?

    For me, the most likely contenders would be these five, in no particular order: Duck Season from Looney Tunes: Mario and Wario argue with each other over whether it's "Italian Season" or "American Season" for Bowser (ripping labeled-as-such sheets of paper from a ridiculously thick stack that...
  17. Yikes Spike

    WaryLand for SMBX 1.4.4. 1.0

    Episode including Super Mario Land and Wario Land inspired designs available for SMBX. All you have to do is: Unzip the files, click on the SMBX logo (which is a 1up) Select how many players you want, choose your character and look up for a title named: WaryLand.
  18. Robin

    Peace is Restored - Wario Land 3 2.0

    Wario Land 3's soundtrack is wonderful, specially this song here that matches the mood of the situation so well! This very calm and relaxing track is probably the best in the game! Here's a chill version with a slow beat for you! I hope you enjoy!
  19. CM30

    WarioWare All Wario Voice Clips (WarioWare Gold) 2019-03-20

    Hey, knock yourself out I guess. Someone needs to make a soundboard from this stuff.
  20. Squishy Pixelz

    Warioware DIY songs!

    Someone recommended this place to me, so hello! I’m curious to see who still makes music in Warioware DIY! I have a playlist full of my covers on YouTube and want to hear other people’s creations. I like migrogames too! Playlist -