1. Orbulon's Records (Warioware DIY) - My Hometown.mp3

    Orbulon's Records (Warioware DIY) - My Hometown.mp3

    My favorite Orbulon's record from Warioware DIY (sometimes it makes me feel nostalgic)
  2. Greenhorn Funk (Garlic Edit)

    Greenhorn Funk (Garlic Edit)

    Greenhorn Forest (Wario World) Remix Wario World is one of the greatest 3D adventures ever made. Only available for Gamecube but playable on Wii this game features Wario in rareform and possibly the most OP. Created by DL Link:
  3. Squishy Pixelz

    MarioWare DIY - A Studio 21 Community Collab

    Figured I'd mention this here briefly. The DIY community is holding their first music collab. It will be premiering on YouTube tomorrow at 5pm PT/8pm ET if people are interested (the VOD will be available after the live premiere)
  4. tahutoa

    WarioWare WarioWare, inc. MIDI files 1.0

    Early last May I happened upon VGMToolbox, a program that had "MIDI Extractor" under its Generic Extraction Tools. I actually don't remember what I originally downloaded it for, even, just that it allowed me to do this. I recalled saladplainzone saying to me all the way back in 2018 that she...
  5. tahutoa

    [Fan Content] Create WarioWare DIY instruments Tier List

    SquishyPixelz has just created a Tier List for all the WarioWare DIY Music Maker instruments: :8bitwariodance: :8bitwariodance: I wish I could accurately tell which symbols meant what, because I'm certain I've heard...
  6. Scyhh

    best level clear themes in games.

    We all know how it goes. You're struggling hard on a level for hours and finally. You complete the objective and what you hear is the sweet melody of the level clear theme. Post your favorite ones in this threat. I'll start: PAYDAY: The Heist - See You at the Safe House Hotline Miami 2: Wrong...
  7. tahutoa

    Wario Land 4 Soundfont HQ: Named Patches Edition Thank You to Shawnster#1 for supplying me with the initial .sf2. Also, if anyone knows whether the leak contained the MIDI sequences for WarioWare, inc. please forward me to the lot. I've got a few of them, courtesy of...
  8. HopefulSpread

    Wario Master Of Disguise Soundfont 2020-05-07

    A soundfont using instruments from Wario Master Of Disguise Enjoy, my dudes Google drive backup:
  9. Shawnster

    Snes Themed Remixes or Tracks?

    Ive been getting into some Snes soundfonts and would love to hear some that anyone on Wario Forums has made, or even just a favorite of yours :cool: I know, self promotion...BITE ME :warioshakeit: SNES MANNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!
  10. tahutoa

    Important Tip for Sequencing WL4 Music

    During mine and MarioSpore's excursions creating the soundtrack for Wario Land 4 II, many discoveries had to be made during our quest to get all songs to import properly and not sound awful. Specifically, pitch bend and modulation had given us the highest amount of trouble. Okay, so as you may...
  11. tahutoa

    WL1 Boss Theme in the style of Wario Land 4 2019-08-25

    stupidface once told me that I was incredibly fast, back when I made him that Gumshoe waarangement. And really I guess I sort of am, because this was theeee I wanna say 6th or 7th MIDI I made within 24 hours, but I think the number is actually much higher than that, probably around 12-14. I just...
  12. Shawnster


    Hey guys, I have been looking for soundfonts all over the Internet and NONE of them seem safe to download :( I really wanna snag an few extra instruments for some better sounding music. Would anyone happen to know where one could find some SAFE soundfonts anywhere?
  13. tahutoa

    Your favorite Microgame music themes?

    I've covered a few of mine in FL before now-- they can be heard in Wario Pinball, Loot Scoot, Hasty Pastry, and Laser Vision. However, I also love the themes heard in The Frog Flap, Noodle Cup, Maze Daze, and dig the themes for Catterwall and Wario Windsock What are some of your favorites?
  14. tahutoa

    LittleBigPlanet Int. Music (Individual Tracks)

    BunnyBoiler72, publisher of fuckin' criiiiisp quality uploads for the LBP music tracks, has been gracious enough to link me to her Dropbox with all these files for LBP's Interactive tunes. I now have the ones for the story levels & Deep Blue Quay. The server can't handle the .zips, though, so...
  15. Monxiasyshrema77

    My older brother's music thingamajig

    So my older brother makes music in his spare time, with a website called Audiotool (Its like Deviantart for music), and I thought it be fun to share his music with you guys. Remember hes just makes music for fun and he likes it a lot so try not to be so hard on him. Anyways, enjoy! Renz_'s...
  16. tahutoa

    the tahutoa thread

    :gwdancing: Everybody Hates Chris Tahu :gwdancing: It has occurred to me that more & more people are getting aggravated by my constant babbling. So, as a means of subverting this, I'm creating this thread. Hopefully, if I remember, most if not all of my bullshit will find its way here, rather...
  17. dribbleandspitz

    Shared Music Between Wario Land 4 and the Earlier WarioWare Games

    Hello, all! It's been a while since I've posted here, but I wanted to share a video I made about shared music between the first couple WarioWare games and Wario Land 4! Were there any tracks you didn't know were shared, or are there any I might have missed? I just wish there were more...
  18. MarioSpore

    Wario Land 4 2

    Wario Land 4 2 is a future rom hack that keeps the genres of levels, but they're completely redone in the advanced level. It would be like if Nintendo made the sequel to Wario Land 4, but more of a joke than anything else. The music uses songs from other games, such as Super Mario Bros for...
  19. tahutoa

    Hey, I made a soundfont!

    SuperSponge Soundfont (PS1) With the help of fellow WAAcolyte @ChocolateJake, who provided the .XM sequence files, I've created a soundfont for the PS1 crock-classic SuperSponge. Attached are a lot of the tracks I've made using this soundfont, just to give you a taste of this soundfont's...
  20. tahutoa

    FL Tips - a list of useful techniques and other things I've found to be useful while working in FL

    And now, :gwdancing: Useful FL tips! :gwdancing: Disclaimer: most people who do music on this forum prolly know a lot of this shit already, but these little bits of knowledge have just been so goddamn useful, and keeping a log in case of disapparation can only benefit people. Keep in mind, all...