Shared Music Between Wario Land 4 and the Earlier WarioWare Games


A voice floats on the waves, drifting away.
Hello, all! It's been a while since I've posted here, but I wanted to share a video I made about shared music between the first couple WarioWare games and Wario Land 4!

Were there any tracks you didn't know were shared, or are there any I might have missed?
I just wish there were more updated tracks like Item Shop to Mona's Biography, that would've been nice, though the music in Wario Land 4 is pretty great as is.
This definitely speaks to the original WarioWare's status as a semi-budget title. They probably blew most of their budget on WL4 at the time since that game was bursting with tons of graphics and music, makes sense that Ware would be a budget deal.
Interesting video!
Connections between WarioWare Mega Microgames and WL4 especially makes sense since they were using the same engine (the soundfont is a big giveaway). I think that's how WW started, actually—just a bunch of Nintendo guys fooling around with making minigames on that engine (could be just pulling that out of my ass, but I remember reading it on some gaming journalism site). I definitely noticed reused music at a point where I was playing both WL4 and WWMM at the around the same time, but there were some that were so obvious (like the epilogue to the game) that I'm surprised I didn't notice them until you pointed them out.

Also! A weird thing that wasn't mentioned: Sometimes when you go to Kat and Ana's profile, their voice clips aren't used, but some weird whispering. This whispering is present on one of the collectible CDs in WL4 (I'll update this when I find out which one).
Nice video. Didn't know about the shop theme getting remixed into Mona's biography one.

For sound effects, I'm pretty sure Wario's voice clips are also originally from Wario Land 4 too. I can definitely recognise some of them, and at least one sounds like the effect played when Wario enters a vortex.
Interesting video, even though I already knew about most of these. There's, if I'm correct, another sound effect from Wario Land 4 in Mega Microgame$: The sound effect when you pour the hot water into the pipe system in the microgame Noodle Cup is similar to the sound when a Fire Cup
topples over in Wario Land 4.