1. Miss Dreamy

    WarioWare Dumb Doodles Series

    Welcome to Miss Dreamy's Dumb Doodles: WarioWare Edition Since I doodle a lot I thought I make a thread to post my doodles instead of posting it in my profile cause I like posting stuff in threads plus it will help me be active some more hehe! Some might be familiar while others might be knew...
  2. Miss Dreamy

    WarioWare Pokemon Teams?

    I have been playing Pokemon Violet a lot to the point where I started thinking about what type of Pokemon some WarioWare characters would have. So far I only have thought of Mona cause well she is my favorite character lol What I think she would have is: #1: Vallinuxe - I think this one is...
  3. gbfrnda

    [Upcoming Game] Dr. Crygor Mike Penny art

    I reconstructed it from two variants: the upper-body japanese one, and the small but full-body american one. its so adorable, with crygor making a charlie brown face onto the mound
  4. gbfrnda

    WarioWare dress up games

    There's a dr. crygor one (scratch version), penny one, and a mona one. They're all designed by me, and put onto my fan site. To fill up this thread, pls post images of mix-and-match fashion created with these pages.
  5. gbfrnda

    a warioware paper craft

    i constructed it using blender, textured it using paint 3d, made the template using pepakura designer, then i printed
  6. gbfrnda

    a repo of my wario ware fanart

    They're attached instead of put inline 'cause it would make the post unreadable. Anyway, here's a sample of my warioware fanart. Feel free to praize or haze
  7. Miss Dreamy

    Mona: Only Child or Older Sister?

    In Mona's diary entry from the Japanese WarioWare website, it states that she is an only child, plus in the cutscene where we see Mona's room in Get it Together you can see an image of just her and her two parents. But what if Mona did have siblings? That's what got me to question it and made...
  8. Miss Dreamy

    WarioWare X Pizza Tower

    I finally finished! Hhwah this took forever but I finally finished! I tried doing it in the pizza tower style, it isn't my best work but I am just so proud of myself that I even completed this- (Also I am making this into a thread cause I plan on drawing Peppino with some of the WarioWare...
  9. GaHorn Metal Forest

    GaHorn Metal Forest

    BY GAMETAL who I quote: """""It may not be his -greatest achievement-, but Wario World was still a fun game that flew under the radar for a lot of people. Greenhorn Forest was also Wario's song in Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix, under the title "Starring Wario""""""
  10. WarioWare Gold Kinopio-kun

    WarioWare Gold Kinopio-kun

    One of the worlds ugliest Toads, Kinopio-kun
  11. WarioWare: Move It Key Artwork

    WarioWare: Move It Key Artwork

    Some key artwork for the new game
  12. Wario from WarioWare: Move It

    Wario from WarioWare: Move It

    Wario's artwork from the latest WarioWare game
  13. WarioWare: Move It Logo

    WarioWare: Move It Logo

    The logo for WarioWare: Move It on Switch
  14. WarioWare: Move It Box Art

    WarioWare: Move It Box Art

    The box art for WarioWare: Move It
  15. Squishy Pixelz

    Studio 21 is really close to 1,000 members!

    So as a few of you know, I run Studio 21, a WarioWare DIY Discord server where people can share their creations, talk about Wario and hang out. We even released a collab back in April. You can watch it here! It's actually the server attached to these forums since the merge. Well Studio 21...
  16. Miss Dreamy

    What if [Blank] was in the WarioWare Universe?

    I thought I make a thread about this to post my custom-made art pieces of the character card in Get it Together, AND as well as take requests with this too so I can practice more of this style! So if you wanna see a character drawn in this style you can request it! I will do my best in the...
  17. Miss Dreamy

    The New WarioWare Inc Employee!

    I would like to introduce everyone to my special Oc, her name is Molly! I haven’t had her for a long time sadly, I think she is about 1 month old, so I made her somewhere around April. I got a lot of info and art for her so hope she is interesting enough to get a read on because trust me this is...
  18. Miss Dreamy

    Huge WIP here

    I am working on something really special to me and thought I share some Wips (by that I mean 2) of the thing I am working on! As you can see I am working on my own version of Mona Land! I say my own version because someone was already working on this as well, but I ask them permission if I can...
  19. Miss Dreamy

    Hello Hello!

    Hi! I am a new member of the Wario Forums! My name is Dreamy, but I also go by Doodle, but I preferred to be known as Dreamy! I am an artist/cartoonist and a big fan of the Wario series! (Mainly Warioware) I struggle to talk about my interests in the Wario series so I thought joining here would...
  20. Squishy Pixelz

    MarioWare DIY - A Studio 21 Community Collab

    Figured I'd mention this here briefly. The DIY community is holding their first music collab. It will be premiering on YouTube tomorrow at 5pm PT/8pm ET if people are interested (the VOD will be available after the live premiere)