1. Scyhh

    Wario Bike (Drawn by your’s truly)

    “GO!” -Wario
  2. CoolorangeToad64

    Warioware Cartoon (Ideas or Discussions)

    (My English isn't prefect) Most of the time, video games to TV shows are bad, not super duper bad but still bad however some video games to TV shows are actually pretty good like Sonic SATam and Earthworm Jim. So I made this thread about the Warioware series that could had it own TV Show and...
  3. CM30

    WarioWare All Wario Voice Clips (WarioWare Gold) 2019-03-20

    Hey, knock yourself out I guess. Someone needs to make a soundboard from this stuff.
  4. Squishy Pixelz

    Warioware DIY songs!

    Someone recommended this place to me, so hello! I’m curious to see who still makes music in Warioware DIY! I have a playlist full of my covers on YouTube and want to hear other people’s creations. I like migrogames too! Playlist -
  5. NeshBear

    old art

    from my da account but wanna post here. hope you guys like.
  6. S

    [Fan Content] (FANMADE) Baby Ashley electronic toy

    WARNING: This is a fanmade Fisher-Price product What if, there was a rip-off Baby Alive. This toy is based on the adorable witch from WarioWare named Ashley. The product name is "Baby Ashley". The material is mostly a type of soft plush on the outside. However, the eyes and eyelids are made out...
  7. thegoodguyslose

    Gold... IN CHARTS!

    I like seeing things in charts! Here's just about all the microgames organized by what game they were taken from. Source here! Made in Google Sheets. Some notes: These stats include boss stages. I may update this thread with a chart just about bosses in the future. I also added Wario...
  8. Boppity BopPop

    Some art of Wario & Friends

    So if you don't know, I like drawing and I would like to share my artist Skills with the forum. Right now I've only drawn wario and all the main Warioware females (cause I can't draw a male for my life except wariowariosm2;). But I'm still practicing! So tell me what you think! I'm always...
  9. thegoodguyslose

    Gold's Other Dubs

    Please excuse me if this thread has already been made! But I wanted to post something about it so we as a forum can compile clips of notable parts from other dubs of WarioWare Gold that we find, and discuss what we think about the voices. Here's Wario in Japanese (intro cutscene): I...
  10. dribbleandspitz

    Shared Music Between Wario Land 4 and the Earlier WarioWare Games

    Hello, all! It's been a while since I've posted here, but I wanted to share a video I made about shared music between the first couple WarioWare games and Wario Land 4! Were there any tracks you didn't know were shared, or are there any I might have missed? I just wish there were more...
  11. CM30

    WarioWare WarioWare Gold: All Ashley Voice Clips 2018-09-28

    Ashley's voice clips from WarioWare Gold.
  12. R

    WarioWare Manga "Wai! Wai! Wario!"

    Wai! Wai! Wario! was a 7 pages long one-off gag manga created by Ryuusuke Hamamoto and published in Famitsu DS+Wii magazine in February 2006. It is based on WarioWare: Touched! According to mariowiki.com Did you guys knew this existed? Well there wasn´t any english translations even though it...
  13. glassesauthor

    Made a Warioware fanfic, come and read it (or not)

    Hi, i'm glassesauthor, and I make crappy fanfics. I don't really post anything, but lately i've been in a Warioware mood ever since Gold came out and decided to make a fic about it. I found it really sweet that the characters from both the Dancing Team and the Potluck Gang thought of Wario and...
  14. iopotorana

    How to unlock WarioKard minigame

    I looked everywhere but I can not find how to unlock the wariokard minigame in Warioware Gold for 3ds. Can someone help me?
  15. Broski3215

    How would you rate each WarioWare game?

    With the release of Gold, I’ve been reminiscing on my past with the series and what I truly think about each game. It’s gotten me thinking about how would I personally rate them... So, I decided to put this together: WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgames!: 8/10 (Great start, but a bit lacking...
  16. Broski3215

    [Upcoming Game] Reviews for WarioWare Gold

    Reviews for WarioWare Gold have been looking pretty good so far: 8/10 - Game Informer 8.5/10 - Gaming Boulevard 8.5/10 - Nintendo World Report “Liked” Rating - GameXplain 32/40 (8/10) - Famitsu 7.5/10 - Jeuxvideo.com But, there have been some more average ratings given to the game too: 7/10...
  17. Broski3215

    [Upcoming Game] Hidden game mode in WarioWare Gold

    When all souvenirs have been collected, a new game mode called Wario Kard gets unlocked. In this mode, you can create decks of the character cards you have collected and use them in card battles against foes. More cards can be earned from the Shuffler, a feature which puts you through arcade...
  18. Broski3215

    [Upcoming Game] Interesting phone calls in WarioWare Gold

    There are three in-game phones unlockable in the Toy Room and they can be used to dial up codes which are also unlockable. While many of the calls are just plain random, some of them actually interested me and I feel as if they would interest others on here too. Here are the calls which I...
  19. Wario render from Super Smash Bros: Ultimate

    Wario render from Super Smash Bros: Ultimate

    So here is Wario's official render from Super Smash Bros: Ultimate.
  20. WarioWare Gold Japanese Box Art

    WarioWare Gold Japanese Box Art

    It's the Japanese version of this game's box art. Sadly, it's not as good as the American and European versions.