1. tahutoa

    Music-related: where can I find the flute from WW inc.

    I wanna get my hands on the WW flute/clarinet type instrument, because so many songs from the game feature it (or in failing that, an sf2 for Inc. assuming it exists by now). Preferably without having to go through all fifty jillion presets for Twisted :orbulonoh:. And on that note, uhhh @Robin...
  2. tahutoa

    Iconic Wario Basslines?

    Everyone here knows Crescent Moon Village just from those first three notes. What are some other Wario bass lines you know of that you think are just as iconic? For me, Sea Turtle Rocks is pretty recognizable, and I think the saxophones' bit from Greenhorn also falls under the category of...
  3. tahutoa

    Unique melodic sounds in Wario Land 1 (edit: I made a soundfont for these sounds that you can DL herein)

    Specifically the eeeeehh, that sort of saxophone-sounding synth (heard in 07), that would go on to be used in the 2nd and 3rd (17) Wario Lands as well (going so far as being used for Wario's eEeEh), and the 60s Organ sound heard in "Bomb Huntering (14)," [edit: or "Huntering with Bomb,"...
  4. tahutoa

    [Fan Content] Share "This song but it sounds like a Wario stage" type remixes here!

    Like the other thread for Wario remixes, only this one is the inverse of that concept: for example, instead of "Rudy the Clown in the style of Metallica," it's "Johnny B Good in the style of Wario Land 4," y'feel me? In other words, I'm creating this thread because rarely are my "Wario remixes"...
  5. Ashley's Revolution 2 - Game & Wario.mp3

    Ashley's Revolution 2 - Game & Wario.mp3

    One of my favorite songs from Game & Wario :)
  6. el_aM3

    My remaster of Wario Land 4 Music

    Hello, In these weeks I'm doing this thing of doing "remasters" on the soundtrack of Wario Land 4 The music are based on the own sequences of the game I have used various samples, many come from the Gamecube WarioWare and others from my collection and sometimes from the original game because...
  7. Loggy

    Favorite song from a game with Wario in it?

    Sorry if this a repeat thread, I can delete this if it is. But I was wondering what's your favorite songs from any game with Wario in it. This could include Wario Land Series, Warioware, Mario Kart/Party, Wario Woods, etc. For me, my favorites are a tie between Crescent Moon Village from Wario...
  8. wariosounder

    Wario Sounds, my Wario mashup album

    Over the past few months I've been working on an album that mashes the soundtrack of Wario World with the vocals of the Beach Boys and a few other artists. I was inspired by my friends trying to 100% Wario World and going totally insane in the process because of its nightmare aesthetic and...
  9. Robin

    Wario Land Wario Land 3 [Remix] - Desert Ruins / Tower of Revival 1.0

    My latest Wario Land 3 HD Remake of sorts. This theme plays in the both the Desert Ruins and the Tower of Revival. I hope you enjoy!
  10. SimonMKWii

    Wario Land Zero-G's Vocal XTC 2017-12-07

    Some of the voice samples in this pack were used for the title theme of Wario Land 4 on Gameboy Advance! If anyone could look through the pack and figure out which files were used in-game, that would be really helpful!
  11. Robin

    Wario Land Wario Land 3 - Perfect! 3.2

    I uploaded a version of this on Youtube, but here's an updated version of it! Hope you like it.
  12. Dangerous Duck

    Tunes That Chill Your Bones

  13. Jobless Music

    [Fan Content] Jobless Tuber Music's OC

    Hi, everyone! I really don't know if this has been already made, so please forgive me! Anyway, this thread is for songs I've created all by myself from scratch! Please tell me your initial thoughts! This song, in particular, has no name as of yet. It's my own Pokemon Trainer Battle theme and I...
  14. Jobless Music

    Other Jobless Tuber Music - Battle! Vs. Trainer 1.0.0

    Hi, everyone!this is a song I've created all by myself from scratch! Please tell me your initial thoughts! It's my own Pokemon Trainer Battle theme and I have yet to do anything with it. I'm very eager to work on a Pokemon project and use this, however.
  15. Boris Carloft's Car Loft

    Wario Land Virtual Boy Wario Land Full Rip 1.0

    A complete SFX free rip of the Virtual Boy Wario Land soundtrack. Includes: Every song in the game Unused/beta tracks A readme file for further information No credit required. Everything belongs to Nintendo.
  16. Robin

    WarioWare WarioWare Title Screen (No voices) 2.0

    Revision of the original, fixes some things, but also removes the vocals, I lost them in the process. Hope you like it!
  17. Robin

    Wario Land A Town in Chaos (Night) 1.0

    Happy Halloween! >:)
  18. 607

    Favourite Soundtrack per platform

    Hi, it's me again! I've had this idea for a while now, but never made it, and thought somebody would've beat me to it by now. But apparently not. I'm interested, though: what's your favourite soundtrack per platform? Obviously, you'll probably only be able to list those for platforms you know...
  19. Robin

    Rhythm Heaven HD Music!

    Well, I decided to make this for reference! Keep in mind that all the music I do can be used anywhere, if I'm credited. You're free to do whatever you want with it! So here we go: Rhythm Heaven Silver: Game Selection: (Blog Post) Practice: (Blog Post) Rhythm Heaven Gold: Superb! (You got...
  20. Weario

    High Quality UNCOMPRESSED Wario Land 4 Music! [COMPLETE]

    UPDATE: The playlist is now COMPLETE! Check it out: Download the album here: ---------- Original Post ---------- So...