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Hi, everyone!this is a song I've created all by myself from scratch! Please tell me your initial thoughts!

It's my own Pokemon Trainer Battle theme and I have yet to do anything with it. I'm very eager to work on a Pokemon project and use this, however.

I've worked on this composition on and off for about a year now, believe it or not! I've never done something like this.
SB: this is not the final version. I usually like to play with the volume, instruments to see if I can work on a few things. So yeah. Also, I'm still not quite open to using this, so please leave this between us in the forums. Maybe if you guys like it, I'll work on any advice you give me and I'll upload it to YouTube! :)
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Hoho! Stellar work, Mr. Tuber. Although I'm not much of a Pokemon fan myself, I can certainly hear the influence; it'd fit right in alongside other Pokemon tracks.

...But what in the name of Holy Loly does this have to do with our lord and savior Wario?
Jobless Music
Jobless Music
Thanks! I dunno, I just wanted to show this off but I couldn't post it on a thread, so I posted it here instead. hahah, not much thinking there I know.
Yes! I love it! Good stuff! I can imagine a trainer battle with this music, definitely. I'd say a Rival battle, even! You used a Pokémon Soundfont I can tell! Fit in nicely!
Jobless Music
Jobless Music
Thanks, man!