Wario Land 4 Soundfont HQ: Named Patches Edition


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Thank You to Shawnster#1 for supplying me with the initial .sf2. Also, if anyone knows whether the leak contained the MIDI sequences for WarioWare, inc. please forward me to the lot. I've got a few of them, courtesy of Salad Plain Zone, who has all of them but keeps forgetting to post them anywhere.
These are my diagnoses as the "epic Wario man". feel free to take them with a grain of salt.
Real quick, the one labelled "wario copy - HQ" is the alteration. Its name is a reference to the filename of my initial "named presets" sf2 from 2017. Uhhhh oh yeah; like the original Named Presets thing, I got rid of the Presets for the PTP Lyrics. You'll need to DL the wl4hq.sf2 if you want to select those patches. Be real, though: do you REALLY give a shit. If you do, then get the one labelled wl4hq. ALSO, apparently the patches for The Moon's Lamppost do in fact have different ADSR values than PTP's, so those have been left in. I'm also planning to go re-implement them into the old "wario copy - Copy" sf2, as well.
  • 3,2 sounds worse than base game, because the compression is based on Sample Rate rather than bitcrush. Some new frequencies were brought out, though-- maybe, through EQ, it can be restored.
  • 64,2 isn't as musically interesting; lacks the distinct "WL4 Brass" sound w/o the bitcrush. An alright brass patch, though. ...I still kind of hate it for how unlike itself it sounds, however.
  • Hall of Hieroglyphs (17,2, 18,2) also sounds worse, for the same reasons as Deow Bass (3,2). It's not quite as heartbreaking, but the crispness you get from Base Game's (with the proper DAW settings, of course) still sound so much more crisp.
  • Bass Organ (19,2) suffered a bit from the sample-based compression, too, but it still sounds really tasty.
  • Percussive Organ (20,2) sounds better than in the base game, by quite a good deal, I think.
  • Strings sound pretty faithful, but aren't 100%. One of the Treble frequency bands on the sample could use a bit of a boost, then it'd probably sound almost just like the original.
  • Hotel Horror (62,2/63,2) sounds about the same at first glance, but once you've got it in your DAW I'd bet the in-game one sounds crisper, still.
  • The Daow! (81,2) I was pleasantly surprised by. I expected the uncompressed version to sound like the disappointing stand-in we got in Mega Party Game$, but this actually sounds like it could become the one heard in the final game. To my surprise, not only was it recorded with only one person, but that person was also a girl (that;s hottt,,m,0). As the sample trails off, the croak at the end's formant is too high to be a mane, that's a Contralto, boyeeee.
  • Was disappointed to see the Fiery Cavern/Toxic Landfill (91-92,0/2) Distortion Guitars were basically the same.
  • Even more disappointed to find out that the guitar heard in Hotel Horror and 40 Below Fridge (93,2) is LITERALLY the same as the Pinball Zone Guitar (29,2). Maybe the note that it got compressed at was different? Either way, I'm MAYEAD.
  • The higher notes for the Mystic Lake Vives (16,2) sound pretty fabulous, but once you go past maybe D5 I'd swap back to the in-game version.
  • The Palm Tree Pluck (54,1/3; 25,2) is barely recognizable, but not necessarily in a bad way. It doesn't sound like PTP any more, but it's still a pretty decent sound. The same goes for the Mini-Game Shop Choir (56,2), though in that case I think the change in waveform has significant repercussions.
  • A whole bunch of sounds are just the fucking same. and mostly ones I really wanted in HD... like the CMV Guitar (96,2), NBG (94,2), the E-o-keh-keh-keh (104,2), and the Shamisen from Fiery Cavern (94,2)-- which doesn't have loop points, btw, so I've added those back in for the "Somewhat More Accurate Edit" I'm doing.
  • On a more pleasant note, however, SOME sounds, like the Byow Boss Bass (111,2) and Beyond the Headrush (120,2) sound BETTER than the original. The latter I don't 100% agree with, granted, I think the original's sound is much more mystical for being bitcrushed, but the Byow Bass I'm sOOO glad is uncompressed here, because I've always hated being limited by just how many places there are where it'd sound positively awful.
  • Break Time Koto (117) is also nice and crisp, now, which is fabulous. Pizzicato Chord (116) is lookin' good, too.
  • Shenai (112), ooooHHHHH baby this one was LAUGHABLY PLEASANT to stumble into. it just sounded so fun. In retrospect I can see how it'd be grating, but honestly I think the sample we hear in the final game is literally a different sound altogether, because I've heard the uncompressed version of WL4's Shenai (previously known as "Arabian Oboe+Flute") before, and it doesn't sound like that.
  • Spooky Organ (115) is pretty much the same, but it seems to have bypassed the problem of that stupid popping sound... granted, it's by having a shorter loop (I think), but whatever.
  • Regarding drums, the E3, C#3, and D4 snares seem to all be different compressions of a couple Mario Party 2 snares, with C#3 and D4 surprisingly having the same timbre to them in this form. I think I prefer how the D4 sounds compressed, but maybe it'll grow on me. Dunno yet.
  • The D6 Snare sounds about as good as I could hope. C5 and C#5 bongos apparently didn't have their Attack values finalized yet by this point, so there's still that little click. They also don't sound as hi-fidelity as the d#5 conga (the e5 conga is missing), so if you're using the untouched version of the Named Presets sf2, just pass over c5 and c#5. The C3 Kick doesn't even sound like the same sample-- it's not a Tom disguised as a Kick like in the final game. It sounds more like the uncompressed version of the Dungeon Dilemma kick from WarioWare. There's apparently a buzz roll on F7 that sounds pretty good.
  • One more thing, release times seem to vary when playing back in SynthFont, even though in a soundfont editor the patches have the same value set. Such is the case with the Mini-Game Shop Square (82,2).


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That seems like the soundfont that I originally made. I used Wario Ware inc. Mega Party Games samples in there. Your feedback on this is interesting (looking past the foul language ;)). I believe I posted a dump of those samples here on the forums. If not.. Then I may have to look through my files again. Not sure I still have 'em.