wario es un homosexual

  1. tahutoa

    Wario Land 4 Soundfont HQ: Named Patches Edition

    https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1YdgJxUrCDVbu7rj_Zl5amGlOR3B6JtGh Thank You to Shawnster#1 for supplying me with the initial .sf2. Also, if anyone knows whether the leak contained the MIDI sequences for WarioWare, inc. please forward me to the lot. I've got a few of them, courtesy of...
  2. tahutoa

    trying Wario in the custom Super Smash Bros. "Smash Remix" hack

  3. tahutoa

    wARty-O drawings/edits I've done over the last several months

  4. niogio

    wario is gay.

    He cannot keep up with the style of the character Strong Bad from homestarrunner.com. If only Wario could at least mimic Strong Bad then at least we'd have more wario games. If you feel cheated out of Wario games then blame the weak producer. We aught to get together and encourage or force the...