1. tahutoa

    Wario Land 4 Soundfont HQ: Named Patches Edition Thank You to Shawnster#1 for supplying me with the initial .sf2. Also, if anyone knows whether the leak contained the MIDI sequences for WarioWare, inc. please forward me to the lot. I've got a few of them, courtesy of...
  2. HopefulSpread

    Wario Master Of Disguise Soundfont 2020-05-07

    A soundfont using instruments from Wario Master Of Disguise Enjoy, my dudes Google drive backup:
  3. Shawnster

    Snes Themed Remixes or Tracks?

    Ive been getting into some Snes soundfonts and would love to hear some that anyone on Wario Forums has made, or even just a favorite of yours :cool: I know, self promotion...BITE ME :warioshakeit: SNES MANNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Shawnster


    Hey guys, I have been looking for soundfonts all over the Internet and NONE of them seem safe to download :( I really wanna snag an few extra instruments for some better sounding music. Would anyone happen to know where one could find some SAFE soundfonts anywhere?
  5. tahutoa

    Hey, I made a soundfont!

    SuperSponge Soundfont (PS1) With the help of fellow WAAcolyte @ChocolateJake, who provided the .XM sequence files, I've created a soundfont for the PS1 crock-classic SuperSponge. Attached are a lot of the tracks I've made using this soundfont, just to give you a taste of this soundfont's...