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WarioWare WarioWare, inc. MIDI files 1.0

Early last May I happened upon VGMToolbox, a program that had "MIDI Extractor" under its Generic Extraction Tools. I actually don't remember what I originally downloaded it for, even, just that it allowed me to do this.
I recalled saladplainzone saying to me all the way back in 2018 that she extracted WarioWare Inc.'s sequence data by using something that could extract files from inside of files.
This is because, unlike many other first-party GBA titles, Inc. literally used the .mid extension for its music.

I never finished writing the titles out for what everything is, but a lot of the important ones I did.

I can't attach the composite soundfont I made using WL4 and Twisted, because the file's 20.4MB, for some reason. I can link a Google Drive for it, though, because I donated it to TTGD for their Wario Day event last year.
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