Hidden Moon Base

Hidden Moon Base 2019-04-30

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On a remote moon, far beneath the waves, there lies an enormous steel space station, suspended some hundred miles below the murky waters' surface. Therein, experiments, observations, data collection, conducted and gathered for the furthering of scientific research.
Initially, when I first created it, up until solidifying the string chords I was seeing TTYD's Moon Base, but as the project started to resemble its final form this mental projection became more reminiscent of Aquatic Base from Sonic '06, and it inspired me on some subconscious level to try to keep that vibe going. I think I did pretty well. Going with the flow when composing is kind of nice, I think, as long as you have some sort of discipline in place. For me, it was having things be ever so slightly unorthodox, because fuck making generic tunes, homes. That Bass Organ is the best example of this as far as the song goes-- there were moments where I went in there specifically to make it less generic or homogeneous when compared to the other patterns of its kind. It's a bit weird-looking on a Piano Roll but it sounds rather lovely and chill, can't wait to use it as backing music for schoolwork. Fittingly enough, because reading this book as part of school was what inspired me to start making something from scratch. That EP riff was actually rather quick to come to me, but then I technically already HAVE made Creativity a Habit, and especially because I use it as a means of procrastinating.

((...That thumbnail is proof that despite how ancient it is, there are some parts of Red Faction's graphics that are still top fuckin' notch. LOOK at that ambient lighting, the murkiness-- the faintest hint of a red light over to the left. It's like Half-Life but better!))
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