"Stardust Speedwaa" Desktop Background (1280x790)

Wario Land "Stardust Speedwaa" Desktop Background (1280x790) 1.1

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A long time ago, I made an edit of the background sprite(s?) for Stardust Speedway (Past), planning to use it as the thumbnail for this mix. Of course, it's way too large to fit all of it into one SC thumbnail, so uhhh I had to crop it to just the parts with Wario's "EeEeHeH" sprite (and the neato reflection I made of it which took waaaay too long to make, mostly due to the fact that I was using MS Paint and not GIMP, thus making the whole partial transparency thing go out the window. It probably ended up being more legitimate that way, though, to be honest). I just updated the constellation up in the corner though, to have the same large purple stars the way the other constellations have, so now it's #ready to go.
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