wario land 3

  1. tahutoa

    Wario Land "Stardust Speedwaa" Desktop Background (1280x790) 1.1

    A long time ago, I made an edit of the background sprite(s?) for Stardust Speedway (Past), planning to use it as the thumbnail for this mix. Of course, it's way too large to fit all of it into one SC thumbnail, so uhhh I had to crop it to just the parts with Wario's "EeEeHeH" sprite (and the...
  2. Robin

    Peace is Restored - Wario Land 3 2.0

    Wario Land 3's soundtrack is wonderful, specially this song here that matches the mood of the situation so well! This very calm and relaxing track is probably the best in the game! Here's a chill version with a slow beat for you! I hope you enjoy!
  3. tahutoa

    Hot Take--

    Lick if you agree!!
  4. Robin

    Wario Land Wario Land 3 [Remix] - Desert Ruins / Tower of Revival 1.0

    My latest Wario Land 3 HD Remake of sorts. This theme plays in the both the Desert Ruins and the Tower of Revival. I hope you enjoy!
  5. Mei-Chan

    Wario Land 3 review by Yui-Chan!

    Ohayo gosaimasu! I am back with another review! This time, we will be looking at the sequel to Wario Land II: Wario Land 3! What a surprise, they're numbered! As always, thank you to all the beautiful members and friends of the Wario Forums for pointing me towards this very fine-crafted game...
  6. Weario

    Someone made creative use of the Wario Land 3 editor!

    See here: I like how different it looks, this level looks like it's in autumn season.
  7. Robin

    Wario Land Wario Land 3 - Perfect! 3.2

    I uploaded a version of this on Youtube, but here's an updated version of it! Hope you like it.
  8. Robin

    For reference: All Wario Land 3 Music Boxes

    Here they are and where to find them:
  9. Robin

    Wario Land Wario Land 3 - East Crater Remix 1.0

    I don't know, trying stuff out... Let me know if it's any good...
  10. Robin

    Wario Land A Town in Chaos (Night) 1.0

    Happy Halloween! >:)
  11. Rei

    Wario Land 2 & 3 Sounds/Music Similarities

    Warning! Contains spoilers for Wario Land 3! So when I was playing through Wario Land 2, I found myself listening to the same music and sounds from Wario Land 3,most of which were completely unaltered. Like the Reactions music that plays for each one,sounds exactly the same. And the Ghost...
  12. Robin

    3 is the magic number?

    Is 3 the magic number for video game series? Most of the time, series that have 3 entries or more, the 3rd entry is the best or a huge improvement overall. Let's see: Super Mario Bros 3, Metroid 3 (Super Metroid), Metroid Prime 3, Zelda: aLttP, Crash Bandicoot 3 and many more are considered the...