1. Penny (First Appearance)

    Penny (First Appearance)

    Translated roughly is talking about playtesting a Dr. Mario RPG. If anyone knows more context please link/start thread then link here.
  2. OC Waluigi

    OC Waluigi

    Original art of Waluigi as he appears in the 1994 Mario & Wario manga. As you can see Waluigi initially looked a lot more like Wario. Perhaps this idea was scrapped and the L was flipped to give Waluigi more of his own autonomy so he wasn't just Wario's lacky/clone.
  3. hubworld23

    PPA Episode 1: A broken Pasta

    A/N Hi Guys My name is Sammy And I hope you like this chapter for A Mario Fanfic I'm doing called Princess Peach's Adventure! Also for those who are wondering is this A full On Sequel to SMO. Well... Yes and No... Why you might be Asking!? Yes: Because it takes place after the first game so Some...
  4. ReasonablePerson

    WarioWare Manga "Wai! Wai! Wario!"

    Wai! Wai! Wario! was a 7 pages long one-off gag manga created by Ryuusuke Hamamoto and published in Famitsu DS+Wii magazine in February 2006. It is based on WarioWare: Touched! According to Did you guys knew this existed? Well there wasn´t any english translations even though it...
  5. Super Wario Kun

    Super Wario Kun
  6. Wario Aran

    Wario Aran

    Wario dressed up like Samus, from a Super Mario Kun Volume.
  7. Super Mario Kun: Captain Syrup and Denpū

    Super Mario Kun: Captain Syrup and Denpū

    Super Mario Kun Volume 12 backover in good quality, featuring Captain Syrup and Denpū