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  1. Pajamas720

    Roast the Person Above You!

    this is a silly little forum game where you make fun of the person in the bottom post in a funny and creative way. for example: ^pajamas, can i wear you, because you're boring me to sleep. have at it!
  2. Pajamas720

    cards against wario (pretend you're xyzzy)

    the forums have been slowing down recently, so id like to start a fun little thread essentially if i get enough people who want to start a cards against humanity game, and i happen to be online, ill setup a game and post a link here. better yet, if you want to start your own game and have...
  3. ThAshleyChannel

    Would you rather? (WYR)

    Welcome to Would you Rather? Where I'll ask would you rather do this or that, after you answer you can ask the next person (whoever wants to answer it.) Similar to Corrupt a wish in style. For E.g - Me : Would you rather Sky dive or base jump User : Uhhh...hard one actually, I have a fear of...
  4. ThAshleyChannel

    Kyon's thoughts and opinions

    Yup, that's what the title is! I'll put my thoughts and opinions in a place people can freely check out without making a big deal out of things. First off, it's your choice if you want to read Kyon's thoughts and opinions. I am not responsible for what may offend you or whatever! You as the...
  5. SurrealBrain

    Random Posts of Goofiness

    Anything you wanna post? Anything on your mind? Any news to post? Anything you're doing? Any crazy random goofy thing? Then this thread is for you! This thread can be about anything! long as it doesn't already have a thread and/or you don't think it's good enough for its own thread, of...