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  1. tahutoa

    More of an overview than an introduction, since you already know me

    Hello, I'm tahutoa. But, because I didn't do this despite being on the forum for a good 1.5 years, most of you probably know that already. I may not be as prolific as the Big Boys CM30, JAWF, Robin, Three-DoubleU-Bee, or the lieutenants below that, 607, Metal, and Magma. Rather, similar to the...
  2. tahutoa

    uhhh 'relatively obscure cute girl' thread

    Just post hawt chee-icks nigaaaaa. They can be from any game I guess. I'm starting us off on a high note, with the episodic King's Quest games. Vee & Neese, from the Eastern and Western ends of Kolyma Vee sports a really cute nightshirt+poofy shorts getup at the start of the fourth chapter...