princess peach

  1. hubworld23

    A Broken Pasta!(NPFA)

    Hey Guys, Before we Begin I Wanna Give A Shoutout to A User By The Name Of The 3rd Wario Brother For Inspiring Me to Remake this Chapter For My Crossover Fanfic... So Thanks Man!:) Now Onto The Story tell Me what you think about the First Chapter In The Comments Feedback Is Appreciated!;)...
  2. hubworld23

    The Three Little Princesses: The Burp Off

    One evening both Princesses Peach and Daisy as they were having a sleepover at Peach’s Castle Peach: Nice to have you come over again Daisy: it’s always really nice to have some fun with just you and Me!:) Daisy: I know it’s ashame that Rosie won’t be joining us... Peach: Yeah poor...
  3. hubworld23

    PPA Episode 1: A broken Pasta

    A/N Hi Guys My name is Sammy And I hope you like this chapter for A Mario Fanfic I'm doing called Princess Peach's Adventure! Also for those who are wondering is this A full On Sequel to SMO. Well... Yes and No... Why you might be Asking!? Yes: Because it takes place after the first game so Some...