A WarioWare Gold video I worked on


So guys, I uploaded a video on my YouTube channel 2 or 1 days ago and I decided to share it to you guys. Here it is: It's called:
'WarioWare Gold: Jimmy T. Stage but it has the Body Rock theme playing through until the boss stage' As you can tell by the title, I added the Body Rock theme from D.I.Y to the Jimmy T. stage all the way through but until the boss stage.
I decided to do this because WarioWare Gold doesn't have any vocal songs so I edited in Body Rock to see how it turned out if WarioWare Gold had a vocal song. So yeah, enjoy it by the way I made the video unlisted at the moment because it's only for Wario Forum users only since it's WarioWare. So I might make the video public later on should I make the video public? Let me know. After you watched it, you can give feedback to me and tell me what you think of it if you want.

Anyway thanks for reading, this video took me a while to edit in the music and the Jimmy T. voice clips and other things and yeah enjoy the video d:Dd:)!

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Fits the game perfectly. Shame it wasn't included. Even as a ¨recycled¨ theme, it would still do great. But the music of the microgames should not play, and the ¨fail¨ sound effect should be improved.
Make the video public please.

By the way, why does Jimmy T. sound so different here compared to on the 3DS?