Channels on YouTube that you think deserved more love than its dose.


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(can't think of a clever title at the moment, sorry) :shulk:
Anyways here's a few that I have.

My mate Vince: My Mate VINCE
He has alot of useful stuff on his channel, like tutorial videos and that, he been doing there's amateur fixing videos that i find entertaining. He had a website to if you're interested.

Druaga1: Druaga1
Here's a channel that dose tech related stuff, and by that I mean he messes around with old tech and or tech related stuff. and otter things that I also find entertaining.

AkBKuKu: AkBKukU
Another tech channel with a funny name, similar to Druaga1 but with a professional feel, he also dose repair videos and in-depth looks at tech and the sort. (He also happens the be friends with druaga1)

EJ Tech: EJ Tech
A third tech (Yes I watch alot of tech channels) channel that somewhere in between AkBKuKu and Duraga1, he more experimental with his tech however. with some nice lil' glam vids here and there.

rockorange: Rockorange
And now for something COMPLETELY different, this channel takes innocent Tv shows like say Spongbob, and stuffs them with with so much vulgar language that its almost not spongebob.

I would give more but Id go on a bit too long, beside its your turn now lol. You got any you think needs some love. Post it here! VforVictory:


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eanimation: eanimation

A Lego stop-motion channel. He recently came back after becoming a missionary for 6 fuckin' years! Some of his animations will still get a laugh out of me even after all this time, and even the ones that don't are still really quotable.
"Come on, boys, let's, go, HIKING, 'LEACGHH!"
"Why is it... glowing...?"
I'm pretty sure there must be a ratio for that, because Glued. is probably pretty lame, strictly speaking, but is easily the most quotable, and I mean, I do keep coming back to it, so.
Guy 1: "You fixed the birdhouse!"
Guy 2: "I diiiid."
Guy 1: "Letzz do thiss" *lowers welding mask*
Guy 2: *Sticks marshmallow in mouth* "Letph, do thitph."
Guy 1: "DO IT!"
*cuts to outside the house, irregular flashing lights and screaming*
Both: "YEAH! YEAH!"
*celebration ends in manly hand grip*
"alright i gotta man see ya later" "yeah alrigh--"
*get pulled back towards each other*
*they realize they're stuck together again*
Guy 2: "NO!"
*kicks birdhouse, destroys it*
In particular, I'm rather partial to Spilled Milk and Rob and the Paraplegic Pasta. Then there are the videos with Milkman.


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I would have said Nikateen back when he uploaded regularly

These days, I dunno, I havent been keeping up with yters for a while now. Have been too distracted by other things lately.