Chapter 2: Peach's Double Trouble!


Wario Fan Supreme
Credits to: Geeky Voice Acts

Peach: *Sniff* *Sniff!**The Now Heartbroken Mushroom Princess Then Went To get Her 20th Drink Of Strawberry Coconut Banna Blast!* GULP GULP GULP!!!! BEALCH!!! Am I *Hic* Really That *Sniff* Pathetic…?*She Wondered As she Poured Herself Another Glass!* I Mean Sure I May have Overworked Mario In the Last 30 Years With The Whole Blorbs Incident And The Infamous Shroob Fiasco, B-But I Have Improved Since *She Then Pours Herself Another Glass As Then!* GULP GULP GULP!!!!*Her Drink Was Now Empty As She Then Fell On The Floor Due To All Of The Drinks That She Drank…* GROWLLLL!!!!!!!!!! BURRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15 Minutes Later

As Tons Of People Then Came Into the Bar, They Noticed The Drunken Mushroom Princess Immediately As They Gave Odd Looks To The Young Mushroom Princess...

Goomba1: Is That The Princess?

GoldStone: Golly, The Princess Sure Let Herself Go Hasn’t She Mom?*The Young Golden Bob-bomb Asked His Mother!*

AlliStar: GoldStone! Don’t Be So Rude…*The Big Purple Bob-Bomb Scolded Her Son… As She Then Reassures Him By Saying…* Besides, Let’s Not Be So Hard On Her She’s Been Through Alot…*She Added*

Peach:*She Then Slowly Wakes Up As she then Walks Around Destroying The Bar In the Process!*



GoldStone: Gah!!!!*He Says While Being Thrown By Peach As Then... * BOOOM!!!!!!! The Explosion Was So Huge That The Wall Fell Over!* Ugh…*He Then Rubs His Head*

Peach: Hey! How about you STAY out of my WAY?! *angrily*

AlliStar: W-we're sorry, your H-Highness… *worriedly backing away from Peach*

Peach: *shoves a table of glass cups onto the floor and they crack into pieces* I'm honestly so FED UP!

GoldStone: I-I think we should get out of here… *fearfully tiptoes towards the door*

Peach: *her face is red and full of rage* *she turns to face GoldStone* And where in the HECK do you think YOU'RE going?

AlliStar: *protesting* P-please, your Highness! My son and I will just be making our way out now.

Peach: *wobbles around drunkenly, unable to control herself*

GoldStone: We'd best leave if we don't want to end up smashed to pieces like those glasses!

*GoldStone and his mother hurriedly dashed out through the double- door*

-Outside the bar-

GoldStone: Honestly, I'd never thought I'd see the princess like that!

AlliStar: I must say, me neither. What a sight that was! However, I feel like we should ensure she has assistance of some sort - considering the state she was in.

GoldStone: A-assistance? Man, feel bad for whoever has to help the Princess.

AlliStar: GoldStone, how many times do I have to tell you… don't be rude? *nervous chuckle* You know what, to be honest, she was rather fiery. I'll have to agree with you on that one.

As the mother and son strolled down the street, they soon came across a familiar figure. Green cap, green shirt; boyish big blue eyes, a smooth dark brown mustache.
It was Luigi, one of the beloved Mario Brothers - heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom.

AlliStar: *comes to a stop on the path*

GoldStone: Hey Mum, what are we doing?

AlliStar: I'm going to call on Luigi. *calling out* Hello there, Mr. Luigi.

Luigi: *stops in his tracks and looks up at the Bob-Ombs; flashing them a smile* Hello there! Lovely weather we're-a having, isn't it?

The young plumber exclaimed in his heavy Italian accent.

AlliStar: Absolutely! Wish it could be like this more often!

Luigi: Heh, yeah! I-a mean, the rain never does any good for us! *chuckles*

GoldStone: *flashes a friendly smile at Luigi*

Luigi: *smiles in adoration at the young Bob-Omb*

GoldStone: Say, how's Mario?

Luigi: *grits his teeth nervously, but reverts to a smile quickly* Oh… heh. What a… question! Mario? Yeah he's-a great. As always! What's-a Super Mario without his trademark smile? Heh-heh.

GoldStone: Awesome!!

AlliStar: I'm sorry to bother you Mr. Luigi. We are quite concerned about the Princess' wellbeing at the moment…

Luigi: Kidnapped? Again?

AlliStar: Actually, no. She's having a massive strop… at the bar, down the street.

Luigi: No-a way…

AlliStar: She appeared to be drunk. I think it'd be best that she is taken back to her castle; just so she's safe and doesn't hurt others, or herself.

Luigi: Mamma mia! This is not like-a Peach at all. I-a know she's quite a wine lover; but usually when she-a drinks, she does it - how do you say in English- uh… 'moderately'...

AlliStar: I wonder what drove her to this… position. I hope all will be well.

Luigi: Thanks for-a letting me know. I'll get the Royal Toad Guards down to the-a bar and have her taken out quickly.

AlliStar: Thank you, Mr. Luigi!

Luigi: No-a, thank YOU.

GoldStone: Have a great day Mr. Luigi!

Luigi: And you-a too! *exclaims kindly*

Luigi waves goodbye to the two Bob-Ombs, before they part ways.

  • Mario and Luigi's House -

Luigi: *Walks through the front door* Mario! Fratello mio! (My brother!) I'm home! *smiles*

Mario: *his eyes are red, and his brown hair a ruffled mess, he is wearing a stained red t-shirt, with pajamas pants, barefoot and is slouched up in the sofa*

Luigi: *Looks at his older twin, sympathetically* Mario, l-look at you. Mamma mia… (My goodness)

Mario: What about-a me?

Luigi: You're not the way you-a used to be Bro, it's a shame...

Mario: *buries his face in his hand* I MADE A BIG MISTAKE AND I TRUSTED THAT IDIOT!

Luigi: Mario, listen-

Mario: You-a DON'T UNDERSTAND Weeg! You don't know what it's like to have your HEARTBROKEN and to GET USED!

Luigi: Ah, fratello mio, I may not have gone through that but-

Mario: YOU WON'T UNDERSTAND, LUIGI! Do I-a have to spell it out for you! :mad:

Luigi: A young Bob-Omb asked me how you were doing today, you-a know…

Mario: And you-a probably told them I was this over-excited SUPER MARIO! All 'WAHOO' and 'YAHOO' all over the-a place! :mad:

Luigi: Eh… *scratches head*

Mario: I thought my life was PERFECT! *stands up from couch* I-a thought I had it ALL! Boy was I a fool! I should have known to use my HEAD and not my HEART. Then maybe I wouldn't have got trampled over by that blonde piece of-

Luigi: Mario!!


Luigi: Keep it E for Everyone.

Mario: Whatever…

Luigi: I was going to-a tell you, that Peach was in such a state today. She was drunk beyond belief. It had citizens really worried down at the-a local bar today. It's not like Peach to over-drink, you-a know.


Luigi: Mario… please… Be reasonable.

Mario: I told you many times that you-a wouldn't understand.

Luigi: *sighs and scratches his head*

Mario: The old Mario is-a gone…. *lights a cigarette*

Luigi: *yells, with a small squeak of shock in his voice* Fratello Mio! Since when did you start SMOKING?

Mario: *chuckles darkly* Since I realised I wasn't good enough for anyone.

Luigi: N-no… this can't be. Mario, you're hurting yourself! :(

Mario: And so bloody what, Weeg?*He Told His Brother As He Went to His Now Former Room to Pack Up Some Things…*

Luigi: Mario…?*He Said then Clears His Throat As He Then Asks His Older Brother!* Bro, Are You Sure You-A-Want To Do This?

Mario: Yes, I’m A Positive Weeg!*He then Finally Puts His Diary In His Luggage As He Then SLAMS It Down Violently. As He then Replied to his Younger Brother As he Then Replied Sadly…* It’a Just I Can’t Believe She Did That To A Me! I Trusted And Her She Just Cheated On Me Like That I Don’t Know If I’ll be Okay Luigi…*He Said To his Brother As his Eyes began to Water…*

Luigi: *The Courageous Green Thunder Went To His Crying Brother to Offer Him Support As He Then Says…* Shh… It’s A-Gonna be Alright Bro, *Sigh* Well If You’re Moving To New Donk… Then I Won’t Stop You But I Want You to Remember Bro, There are Two Sides To Everyone Your A Good Person Inside And A Good Brother Too, It’s An Early Birthday Gift*He Said As he Quickly Ran Back Downstairs As He Then Went to A Safe As He Then Typed Up The Code. As He Than Opens It up Pushing Away All Of The Money That They Have Earned From There Adventures As He then Grabs A Green Bear As he Then Closes The Safe As He Then Turned Off The Lights And Grabbed A Remote And Presses A Button As Than Lasers Were Near The Safe As He Said Proudly Before Closing The Door…* Thank A You Egad!;)

Luigi: I’m A Back!*He Says Happily To His Older Bro!*

Mario: Come Va, Luigi? (What’s Up, Luigi?)

Luigi: Guess Who’s Here!?*He Then Held Up A Green Teddy Bear As He then Said In Cute Little Boy Voice.*

Mr. Pepper: Hello Mario Remember Me It’s your Old Pal Mr. Pepper Please don’t be Sad One Last Wahoo Before We A Go?

Mario: Wahoo…*He Said Sadly!*

Luigi: *He Then Raised An Eyebrow as Than Says...* Bro Seriously!?

Mario: *He Then Rolls his Eyes! Fine Fine, WAHOO!*He Jumped With Pride!*

Mr. Pepper: Hooray!*The Toy Bear Cheers With Joy In “His” Voice As Luigi Then Throws Mario The Bear.*

Luigi: Now That’s The Mario I Know!*He Says As he gave Him A Thumbs Up…*

Mario Thanks For Cheering Me Up Bro, *He Sighs As he Then Goes Inside the Odyssey As before he Went to The Steering Wheel.*

Luigi: *He Then Tapped His Older Brother On One Of His Shoulders…* Mario?

Mario: Yeah Weeg- !!!*He Then Gasped At The Surprised Hug.*

Luigi: Please Be Safe Bro…*He Says As He Then Finally Let Him Go While Adding!* Do You Promise To Visit Us When You Get The Chance?

Mario: Of Course! I’m Gonna Visit Luigi! I’ll be sending Some Letters Too, So Keep An Eye Out For Them Bro!

Luigi: Will Do Mario…*He Then Takes Off His Green Cap As He Then Waved Goodbye To His Older Brother…* Bye Mario Have Safe Travels!

Mario: Bye Weegie! Take Care Of Yourself!*He Says As He Then Started the Engine And Flew To New Donk!*

Luigi: Will Do!*He Then Replied As He Then Said As he watched His Bro Fly Away!* Don’t I have the Coolest Brother Ever I’m Glad To Be His Fan! *Sigh* Now To tell The Toads And The Others About This… Mamma Mia!*He Said Sadly As he Then Ran to The Castle to Tell Them The News…*

-Back At Daffodil Treetop- (Daisy’s Bar)

Peach:*Who Passed Out Due to how many Drinks that She Drank…* *Snoring*

Daisy:*She Then Started Walking Inside As She Then Turned On The Lights…* !!! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO MY BAR!???*She Then Quickly Scanned The Now Messed Up Bar As She Then Sees Alot Cup Glasses Now Broken As She Then Sees Her Pink Ditzy Drunken Companion Who Was Still Sleeping Away Like A Star On At A Star Festival.* Yo, Toady Time to Get Up…*She Said As she Kept Snapping Her Fingers!*

Peach: *Yawns As She Then Licks Her Lips While Drooling And Saying… Ah, Raspberry Mushroom My *Hic* Favorite…*She Said As She then Giggled Once More!*

Daisy: *Sigh* Alright Peach, I Didn’t Wanna Do This But You Leave Me No Choice…*She Then Grabbed An Orange Microphone As She Then Turns It On As She Then Shouted Out By Saying…* PRINCESS PEACH WAKE UP!!!

Peach: !!! Gah! BANG! Ow, My Head…*She Said As She Then Rubbed Her Head As She then Shakes her head Left And Right, As she Then Says Before Facing Daisy!* Ugh… Note To Self Don’t Drink So Much. Remember Kids Don’t drink this Kind Of Stuff Unless You’re At To The Appropriate Age!*She Then Turns Her Head To Daisy As She Then Says…* Oh Hi, Daisy Didn’t See You There How’s It Going?*She Said As She Then Smiled!*

Daisy: *She Then Rolls Her Eyes As She Says Sarcastically.* Oh, Me? Doing Fine Just Fine Y’know Except for The Fact That A. You Destroyed My Bar That I Worked Hard And Spent Thousand Of Coins On! And Finally B. What’s With You Threating My Customers…?*She Then Shows her The Evidence On Her Phone.*

Peach: !!!*She Then Began To Blush Red As She Tried to Walk Away…* Th-That’s A Real Shame Daisy, Oh Well I have to Get Going Now See Ya!*

Daisy:*She Then does A Backflip As she then blocks the Door…* You Are Not Going Anywhere After You Start Cleaning Up Everything For What You Did!* *She Says To Her As she Then gives her The Bill For All The Damages And Drinks That She Drank!*

Peach: Daisy I have to Go!

Daisy: Why?*She Asked*

Peach: Because It’s Something You Won’t Understand…*She tries to Shove Daisy Away as she then tries to go to the Door!*

Daisy: Hey! Peach!!! You Have to Tell-


Peach: !!! Oh My Gosh, Daisy, I’m So Sorry I was just Really Mad And You Wer-

Daisy: So, You Like Hurtin’ Your Pal Huh Then It’s Time for Some Payback!

Peach: !!!! D-Daisy!???

The Girls began to fight As Then The Bar Began To Hop Really Far Away!

-At Princess Peach’s Castle!-

All: WHAT!???

Lyra: Is It True Uncle Luigi Is Uncle Mario And Aunt Peach Gone?

Luigi: I’m A Afraid So Lyra Mario Moved Away… As For A Peach…

ToadStrootle: Rien de tout cela ne serait arrivé si Peach n'avait pas repoussé Mario! De cette façon, toute cette situation n'aurait pas si mal fini Green Thunder? *She Looked Up To Him!*

Luigi: Well…

ToadStrootle: Vrai ou faux?

Luigi: I-a don't wish to discuss that right here.

ToadStrootle: Ah please answer zee question…

Luigi: Alright yeah… I do think it's true.

Lyra: What's true Uncle Weeg? :3

Luigi: *sighs* You really don't need to know…

Lyra: Can You Please Tell Me, Uncle Luigi?

Luigi: *He Then Sighs* Ciao Vey…(Oi Vey) Ly, Are You Sure You A-Wanna Kn…

Lyra:*She Goes Really Close To Him As She Than Shouts Out!* YES PLEASE!!! In Fact…

Luigi: WAH!!!!*He Said As He Jumped By The Shouting Of Lyra’s Voice…* Don’t Scare Me Like That Lyra Mamma Mia!

Lyra: *She Then Blushes Blue In Embarrassment!* S-Sorry Uncle Luigi… I Just Really Want To Know!*She Says In Excitement! As She Then Chanted.* Tell Us Tell Us!

Luigi: Now Ly-Lyra Let’s Not… !!!

ToadStrootle: Dites-nous Dites-nous!*She Chanted Alongside Lyra!*

Luigi: Not You Too!*Said The Green Plumber As Then He Was Surrounded By A Lot Of Toads Which Chanted The Same Question....* GAH!!!!*He Exclaims In Fear!*


Luigi: ALRIGHT ALREADY!!!!*He Says In Anger As He Summoned Thunder From His Hands!* Fine, I- Will A Tell You Guys What Happened As Long As All Of You Behave Yourselves… Capiche!???

All: *All Of The toads Then Gulped In Fear As they Then Nodded As They Than Sat Down Together Forming A Huge Group! While Also Praying To Themselves Not Wanting To Be Electrocuted.*

Luigi:*He Then Breathes In And Out As He Then Unsummons He Thunder Powers! As He Then Takes A Seat On A Random Chair As He Then Tells Them What Happened…* Ok, From What I Have-A Seen As I Was Walking Back Home From My Mansion I Heard Both Mario & Peach Arguing And Zelda Then Started Crying Leaving The Princess All Alone. That’s Basically About It From What I Have Heard!

Lyra: Oh Poor Auntie Peach…*She Said Sadly To Herself!*

Toad: That Explains Why Mario Moved Away Then I Hope Your Brother’s Ok Green Mario!

ToadStrootle: Poor Zelda I Hope The Princess Is Gonna Be Alright Same With Peach!

Luigi: Agreed!*He Says To ToadStrootle!*

Toadswoth:*But Unawhere To Anyone Toadsworth Who Was Hiding Behind One Of The Many Princess Peach Statues, As He Quickly Then Ran To His Room!*

Toadsworth:*Who Was Now Wearing A Brown Fedora Hat And A Buttoned Up Purple Sweater As he Then Called A Number!*

Bowser: *Ring Ring!* *Ring Ring* *He Then Picks Up The Phone As He Then Says…* Hello, And This Is The King Of Awsome Hotlines How May I Help You?

Toadsworth: *He Then Whispers* Bowser It’s Me Toads- Err… Wise Toad 87 Remember?

Bowser: *Who Was In A Dark Room Trying To Hide Himself As he then Says…* Ah, Wise Toad 87! I’ve Got Awsome News I Have Recently Called Them And Sent Out Invites And Well…

Toadsworth: !!! Well? What They Say…?*He Asked!*

Bowser: GAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!*He Laughed As He Then Replied To The Elderly Toad!* They Told Me Yes They Will Be Coming In A Few Weeks Although…*He Said Sadly.*

Toadsworth: That’s Fantastic!*He Exclaimed With Excitement. As He Than Responded With…* What’s Wrong?

Bowser: *He Sighs As He Than Explains The Situation!* Ya See, The King And Queen Ain’t Doing So Hot In Fact They Started Sneezing Alot Coughing, Barfing To The point Where There’s A Lotta Bloo-

Toadsworth: I Get The Picture! *He Replies In Annoyance.*

Bowser: *Sweat Drops As He Then Rubs His Head With Embarrassment!* Hehe Right… *Ahem* Anyway, It’s Gonna Take Em’ A While To Get Here! So We Are Gonna Have To Wait A Li’l Bit Longer… Ok?

Toadsworth: Ok! Hey, I Was Wondering If You Can Do A Thing For Me If You Don’t Mind…*He Responded To The Koopa King As he Then Waited For His Answer.*

Bowser: Huh, Well Damn! That’s A First… Well Alright, Shoot What Do Ya Need Wise Toad?

Toadsworth: *He Then Sighs As He Says The Following…* Well, It’s The Princess As You See Both Her And Master Mario Had A Falling Out Today. It Unfountanty Caused Her Majesty Herself To Get Hehe… One Two Many Drinks At A Local Bar!*He Said As He Rubbed The Back Of His Head!*

Bowser: Geez, That Bad Eh? Like Super Mario Kart Bad When We Were On That Trip For Japan Or “Moderately” Bad.*He Said While Scratching His Head!*

Toadsworth: Super Mario Kart…*He Replies Quickly!*

Bowser: Woah?!!! Slow Down There Cowboy We Don’t Wanna Go Overboard Do We Now There Wisey Toad 87!???;) Gehehe…

Toadsworth: *Angrily!* NOW, DON’T YOU START THAT “Gehe- !!! *Curses In Toadsworth BUT!!! He Keeps to Himself… As He Then Took A Deep Breath In Out. As He Then Adds By Saying, I Was Boswerwothing Wasn’t I?

Bowser: YupADoodle!*He Says Calmly While Reading A Magazine…* Whatcha Readin’?

Toadsworth: ShroomStar Magazine. You?*He Asked*

Bowser: KoopShell Magazine…*He Says While Chuckling, As he than Adds by Asking The Followin’ Question.* Wanna Have A Quick Read?

Toadsworth: !!? ME!!!?:O

Bowser: *He Then Started To Laugh Again While Adding…* Tch, Yes “YOU!!!” Man, You Toady’s Always KNOWS How To CRACK A Koopa Armada Up!;)

Toadsworth:? Crac… !!!*As He Then Came To The Realization On what Bowser’s “Little” Inside Joke Ment as he then Slowly Turns Maxsumis Tomato Red As Than His Eyes Began To Water… But Who Is Now Being Prideful! (Or At LEAST He’s Tryin’ Too!) Hide The Snickering From The Smirking Koopa King!*
Bowser: What’s With The Smirk There Wise Toady…?*He Than Snaps His Claws As He Then Knocks On The Table.* *Knock Knock* Hey Wisey…? What Did The Rabbit Say When She Had Made Those Nice Carrot Tops?

Toadsworth: Dunno What DID She Say As She Made Those Nice carrot Tops King Of Awsome?*He Asked Interested To Hear What Was Next…*

Bowser: *Brings Out A Female Bunny Like Purple Black “N” White Puppet And Says In A Sickeningly Cutesy Dopey Voice As “He” then Says How Do ya Like Your Carrot Tops Honey Child!???

Toadsworth: (...) *He Continued To Snicker As Then.* OHOHHOHOHOHHOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!! TH-*Snorts* THAT WAS HIILOURILUS!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH-WOAHH!!!!:O*He Laughed So Hard That He Fell Off Of His Chair, BAM!!!! Ugh…*He Finally Replied As He Tried To find His Glasses As He Then Took A Step As Then… SMASH!!! !!! GOOD GRIEF WHAT WAS THAT!!!:O SOUND THE ALARM CALL THE GENERAL!!!! WEAR AND FIND YOUR BLOOMERS AND UNDERWEAR!!!*He Says Terrified And Paranoia On The Look on His Face as he then sweated heavily As He Than Began To Flapping His Arms Fearfully And Insanely As Than…*

Bowser:!? *Just Than He Then Grabs His Whistle As he than blows as hard As he Can!* HEY, CUT IT OUT!!!!!*He Replied In Frustration And Anger In His Tone Of Voice.*

Toadsworth: !!! GACKKK!!! My Ears!!!!*He Says As Before he went Back to His Seat One Of His Shoes Was Undone As Than, WOOOSH!!!! CRACK!!!!* M-my back…:O*He Says As his voice Gotten Higher As He Gotten Back Up from the floor And Sat Down Despite the pain he was feeling in his Spine.* CRRUNCH!!!

Bowser:*He Than Smirks As He Then Says While Crossing His Arms Once Again…* Justice Has Been Served, Alright… No more Screwing Around So The Reason Why you Called Me Is Because…?

Toadsworth: Ah, Quite Yes… The Princess Like I said before She was having Some Family Issues I saw her looking At The Old Portrait Of The King & Queen Again…*He Then Continued to speak as he than took His Hat Off. *Sighs* She’s Been doing This For years Alway’s Trying to be The “Perfect” Daughter For Them and Trying to hide Her Denial So she wouldn’t let Them, Herself, And The Citizens Down… But After That Fight with Master Mario After The Many Battles With You over the Year’s just Couldn’t Stand It Anymore. And The Wedding On The Moon was the Breaking Point!*

Bowser: Ah, Family Prob’s I see She just doesn’t wanna make herself Look Weak… Hehe Me An, Red Had So many Battles Over The Years… It’s Just INSANE How Time Flies *He then chuckles for A Little Bit to A More Guilty Smile One As He Says,* I’d Figured He Snap One Day The Fact He Said We Are Done Is just Jeez, Poor Guy Can’t Catch A Break, can He..?

Toadsworth: O-Of Course, I Agree!*He Says As He Agreed Reluctantly As He than mutters under his breath as he crossed his Arms In frustration As he then chuckled Bitterly By Saying As he rolls his Eyes…* Gee, I wonder Why that’sThe case King Of Dunces.

Bowser: *Unfortunately He Hears The Elderly Toads Remark As He Takes A Quick Breath As he then Says In A Sickly Cute Voice Once More As he Slowly got closer & Closer As Than… CLAPS!!! Wisey…?

Toadsworth: GAH!!*He Said As he Jumps With His Seat In Fright!* Y-yes…?*He Asked The Secretive Koopa King As His Face begun to Turn Pale.*

Bowser: (Normal Voice) Did I And To Make Sure If My Horns Aren’t Loose, But Did EYE Hear That You Said And I “King Of Dunces To Me..?”

Toadsworth: !!! N-nononono…*He Says As He Chuckles Nervously I-i… Uh Said Errm… *He Than Snaps One Of his Fingers As he tries to Come up with A “Big” Lie.* King Of LUNCHES Yeah Th-that's It Hehe…*He Replied To The Temperamental Koopa King.*

Bowser: That’s Good. Cuz, If You Did Say Something To Me Like That Ever Again…? I’LL MAKE MINCEMEAT OUT OF YOU!!!!*He Then Shows Him The Cutting His Head Off In Sign Language!* Got It!???

Toadsworth: *Gulps In Fear…* y-yes Sir!

Bowser: Good. Now Back to The Question..?

Toadsworth: *Sighs* Of Course, Your Job Is To Keep An Eye On Her Y’know So she can be Safe just in case. I just Hope this Works!

Bowser: Come On Wise Toad, She Isn’t A Little Kid Anymore She’s A Grown Ass Adult Last Time I Checked Plus, She’s A Grown Woman Who’s Just Trying To Live Her Life To The Fullest While Also Trying To Make People Happy. *He Chuckles Besides, She’s Always Happy When She Sees Me. So, I know what I’m Doing Just Wish Me Luck Ok?*He Said As He Than Hung Up The Phone Call.*

Toadsworth: *He Sweat Drops as he Sighs Once More Before Praying!* Peach, For The Sake Of The Stars And The Entire Kingdom Please Be Safe!

-Back With Peach & Daisy-


Peach: OW! *Smack* Flower Your Hurting My Face And Pretty Bodeee OWIE!*She Says As She Hears Both Of her Arms Popping.*

Daisy: Serves You Right For Scaring Away My Custa-OW! Customers And Wreckin’ My Bar Up Toadstool… Now, Tell Me What's Wrong?

Peach: No!*She Replied Stubbornly!*

Daisy: Peach!*She Scolded In Annoyance.*


Queen Bean: Ah, What A Perfect Place For A Picnic.*She Says As She then begins to Chow Down her Meal!* CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP!!! GULP GULP GULP!!!! GRRRRRRRUMBLE!!!

Lady Lima: Now Now,*She Warned Her Remember What The Doctor Said About Your Diet Your Majesty…*She Said As she then Sips the Rest of her Tea!*

Queen Bean: Oh, I’ll Be Fine! Now, Go Ahead to The Loo And I Will Wait for you Right Here!

Lady Lima: Oh Your Majesty Thank You!!!!*She Said As She Ran As Fast As She Can!!!*

Queen Bean: *She Laughed As Than…* BWOOOUPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh My,*She Says As She then blushes Bright Green.* Maybe Lima Does Have A Point As I Did Ate *Yawns* Quite Too Much A Nap Is In Order To Digest This Wonderful Meal That She Prepared!*She Than Lays Down On The Grass As she Then Fell Asleep!* *Snoring*



Peach: Ah! I Think We Finally Stopped Bouncing.*She Says As She then Asks Daisy With…* Who Should Go First?

Daisy: I’ll Go…*She Says As She Rubbed Her Head Ashe began to Walk Outside!*

Peach: Ok! Good Luck.*She says As Gives Her A Thumbs Up!*

Daisy: Heh, Thx!*She Than Takes One Step As Then GURGLE! Woah!!!:O !!!*She Than Turns Pale As she Says Fearfully.* Uhh… P-Peach!???

Peach: What Is It Dai-*Trips* GRUMBLE!!! !!! Queen Bea- !!! *Gulps*She Also Turns Pale As She Than Thinks To Herself Fearfully!* (Oh No I Just Murdered Queen Bean!!!:O Ok, Toadstool Calm Down I mean there isn’t anyone here Except Me & Daisy So Let’s just calm ourselves Down And No- !!!)

Lady Lima: !!!

Daisy: !!!

Peach: !!!(Panic)*She Thinks To herself As he then Clears Her Throat!* *Ahem* It’s A… Erm, Uhh… So Very Nice to See You Again Lady Lima! Funny Story It’s not Wha-


Guards: *Puts Handcuffs To Each Princess, With Peach Being First Second Being Daisy!*

Daisy: YOU Have Alot Of Explaining To Do Peach!*She Says As She Crossed Her Arms As She Glared At Her!*

Peach: *Sighs* Mamma Mia…

To Be Continued?
Little question: is this meant to be voice acted? Because I see "Credits to: Geeky Voice Acts" at the beginning, but it also looks like it could be regular literature, i.e. fanfiction.

In the case of the latter, I advise you to work on your typography. Make sure to avoid using excessive amounts of all-cap words and multiple exclamation signs, and to use proper quotation. Doing so makes your writing look a lot more professional and more pleasant to read.
Little question: is this meant to be voice acted? Because I see "Credits to: Geeky Voice Acts" at the beginning, but it also looks like it could be regular literature, i.e. fanfiction.

In the case of the latter, I advise you to work on your typography. Make sure to avoid using excessive amounts of all-cap words and multiple exclamation signs, and to use proper quotation. Doing so makes your writing look a lot more professional and more pleasant to read.
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