Do you think we'll see Mario Kart 9 soon?


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Heard a few rumours about it, and there's talk that the team behind that series is working on a new project at the moment.

So yeah, what do you think? Could Nintendo release another Mario Kart game for the Switch? Or is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe the only title we're getting this generation?
I'd certainly hope we see a new game soon. 8 Deluxe is still just an enhanced port at the end of the day and it came so early in the Switch's life that its kinda tired now. They kinda dropped support for it ongoing too...

I question whether it'll be on Switch though. I think by this point they'll be gearing up for the next console release. I just hope they take one of the only good points of the Tour mobile game and include little alt costumes for characters, and maybe expand the roster a little bit better like they did there in including Pauline and King Boo's look from LM3